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Great Upcycling: These pools were once shipping containers

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June 28, 2022 at 11:48 a.m.

Disused shipping containers turn into low-maintenance swimming pools to be seen in Calaak’Oncept. The French company has devoted itself entirely to “Cargotecture”.

Barely recognizable as a container – Calaak’ Oncept pool. (Source: Screenshot from manufacturer’s website)

  • Disused shipping containers can be used as a swimming pool.
  • The Calaak’Oncept company offers different models, partially buried or floating above the cliffs.
  • Swimming pools are particularly easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

When you hear the word container recycling, does a small house come to mind? So it’s time to rethink! Located not far from Strasbourg, in the town of Geispolsheim, just after the German border, Calaak’Oncept transforms freight containers into outdoor swimming pools. Another successful example of upcycling.

Imagine pools that were once containers

Individually made pools can be fully or partially sunk into the ground, but they also cut a fine figure on their own. Since the company considers each project as an individual order, spectacular installations such as a swimming pool floating on a slope are also possible.

Basically, there are different basic models, which are based on the respective customer requirements. It all starts with a six-meter-long swimming pool, ideal for space-saving installation in the garden of the house.

The twelve meter long model is more interesting for swimmers who want to do lengths. This variant is also available with a hot tub option. Special requests such as artificial waterfalls or LED lighting are also possible. A changing room that can be housed in another container is also possible.

Unlike conventional swimming pools, the maintenance effort must be kept within strict limits. Among other things, an automatic chlorine generator, a sophisticated filter system and electrically closing lids are available for this purpose.

price and availability

Since each pool is an individual unique production, there is no publicly available price list. You can contact the manufacturer this address contact for an offer. Delivery is currently free within a radius of approximately 100 kilometers around the company’s headquarters. The delivery time is approximately six weeks, depending on the order situation. Another successful example of upcycling is this grain silo that has become a mini house.

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