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Govt authorizes Tezanos to hire 4 ‘trustworthy’ people for ‘special advice’ to CIS president

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“Differentiated and trained staff” is needed for political advice in an area “with increasing exposure”.


The government has approved a royal decree amending the regulation of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS), in which it has included the creation of a “support unit” for the presidency, which will allow the president of the CIS, José Félix Tezanos, to post 4 people to perform “trust or special advice” functions.

The executive, in the justification collected by Europa Press, claims that the change made, approved yesterday in the Council of Ministers and published today in the BOE, is due to the fact that the CIS must efficiently and rigorously approach the new transformation trends, taking into account the opinions and demands , which can be useful for improving public services.

In order to contribute to this “more efficiently”, they consider it necessary to adapt “the operation and the current structure of the CIS”, which dates back to 1997.

And in this structural adjustment, the Ministry of the Presidency has included the creation of a “Presidency support body” that will allow José Félix Tezanos to hire four confidants to advise him.

The text of the new rule states that in the support unit “four of its posts may be filled by temporary staff performing only trust or special advisory functions”.

The Royal Decree adds that “temporary agents can be hired and dismissed free of charge if they wish to have proven experience and professional training”. “In any case – he continues – the dismissal will take place when the president’s dismissal takes place”.


The justification for setting up this support center is that the President of the GUS needs “qualified personnel to carry out fiduciary and special advisory tasks constantly and immediately with the Presidency of the Center”.

She adds that these capabilities are required due to the “sensitivity and growing complexity of the data received and analyzed by the agency and the increase in higher-level decision-making workflow.” In addition, the ZIS is entrusted with the essential function of “analyzing sensitive data that serves to advise administration and government”.

“All this requires the existence of differentiated and trained personnel to carry out direct collaboration with the bureau of the organization, as well as specific advisory and fiduciary tasks, characterized by full availability, rather than performing tasks of a structural nature in the organization”, the text asserts .

And as he points out, the fiduciary functions that require special advice are: policy advice, personal emergency assistance, press advice and communication in an area of ​​increasing exposure.


A Department of Information Technologies and Communications will also be added, headed by a Directorate with the category of General Subdirectorate, the head of which will be appointed by the Ministry of the Presidency on the proposal of the President of the CIS.

This position will, among other things, define and oversee the application of the Centre’s Information Technologies and Communications strategy; the promotion of digital transformation and its technological innovation or the implementation of computer security measures, among others.

Source europapress.es

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