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Government Summit… Global decision makers discuss sustainable development plans

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The focus will turn to the United Arab Emirates tomorrow, Monday, with the start of the World Government Summit 2022 at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The summit was able to consolidate its position a decade after launching a unique global platform to shape the future of governments and devise solutions to meet future challenges, as the most prominent global gathering and the most important event on the decision-makers’ agenda. decisions around. the world.

Holding the World Government Summit 2022 at the Dubai Exhibition Center at Expo 2020 Dubai on March 29-30 provides an opportunity for all countries, governments, major international companies and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore trends and opportunities, build on them, exchange experiences and successful experiences in various sectors, and chart strategic directions to formulate characteristics of the future based on knowledge and sustainable development.

Since the launch of the summit in 2013 and during its successive sessions, it has been the custom for the summit to host one of the world’s countries as the guest of honor of the summit, celebrating their experiences and sharing their experiences with the international community. community, but during the World Summit of Governments 2022 the entire world will be invited to the summit, which this year hosts in its exceptional version 190 countries, more than 500 speakers and 4,000 participants among senior government officials, experts, prospective and private leaders of the industry from around the world, to explore the future of government in more than 110 keynote interactive and dialogue sessions, while the summit issues more than 20 knowledge briefs in partnership and cooperation with the world’s leading research institutions.

international forums

This edition of the summit includes different contents, new platforms and exceptional ideas to consolidate the thinking of new governments at a global level.

It will also include the largest global platform of government experiences, the most specialized experiences on the future of government work and ways to create a better future for humanity.

In the context of discussing the most outstanding global trends in vital sectors that contribute to strengthening plans for the next decade, and establishing future policies, strategies and plans that improve the preparation and flexibility of governments for the next stage of development.

This year, the summit will host 15 global forums, the most important of which are: the Global Metaverse Forum, the Global Digital Assets Forum, the Aviation Cyber ​​Security Forum, the Invetopia Investment Summit and the First Arab Gathering for Young Leaders. The Arab Conference on Administrative Development, the Climate Change Forum, the World Energy Forum, the World Health Forum, the Sustainable Development Goals Forum, the Women in Government Forum, the Government Services Forum and the Forum on Gender Balance.

The summit will also host for the first time, in partnership with international organizations, a group of forums that will bring together the world’s foremost geniuses to discuss vital sectors and develop ideas and visions for a new future, the most important of which are: “ The annual meeting of the 100 most important people in the TIME 100 list” and “Forbes Forum”

Preparation for future governments

The new decade requires the work of governments to develop proactive policies, strategies and plans that raise their readiness and flexibility for the next stage of development, and given that the summit session this year is a new starting point for the subsequent pandemic to Covid-19, in an international meeting that is the largest and first of its kind since the start of the pandemic.

The two-day summit will address topics focused on the policies that drive government progress and development, designing the future of health systems, sustainability for the next decade, accelerating global economic recovery, future technology , the construction of cities of the future, the future of educational systems and employment. , enable social resilience and other issues The future more closely related to human life.

This year’s summit focuses on strengthening plans to initiate a new government contract, establish proactive policies, strategies and projects that adopt smart solutions, artificial intelligence applications and digital systems. The pandemic, in addition to applying the best practices of sustainable development , by benefiting from the most outstanding world experiences to achieve a rapid recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

This would enhance the role and leadership of the summit as a global platform to create development, economic and social solutions and challenges and formulate the future of governments, in accordance with new working mechanisms that contribute to anticipating the future of governments and societies and enhance global stability.

world reference

The World Summit of Governments constitutes a global reference for governments and countries, and a unique platform to shape and design the future to establish a global model of cooperation between the governments of the world knowledge, successful experiences and innovation of new business models to explore new opportunities and create and design a better future for humanity.

An elite group of government leaders, ministers, senior officials, decision makers, pioneers of ideas and specialists in financial, economic and social affairs from various countries of the world participate in the presentation of these visions Building a system of new opportunities to support the process of global development and improve the preparation of governments for the future.

It is worth noting that the World Summit of Governments is organized in conjunction with the conclusion of Expo 2020 Dubai activities, the most prominent international event in an unprecedented global gathering after the Corona pandemic and the resulting global variables and challenges it imposed. to the world. a new reality, methods and working models that require rethinking and strengthening alliances International aims to identify the most important global trends for the next stage and adopt more flexible and effective future paths, in addition to promoting the exchange of knowledge and experiences between governments. to improve the response of governments to the new global reality.

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