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Government grants RAE €5 million for Spanish language and artificial intelligence project



That Council of Ministersat the suggestion of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation, approved this Tuesday the direct award of a five million euro scholarship to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for the implementation of the project “Spanish Language and Artificial Intelligence” (READ).

This allocation, according to the ministry, is part of it the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) the New Economy of the Language of the Economic Stimulus Plan and the Digital Agenda 2026 for Spain.

In this way, the government and the RAE join forces to develop the technology and tools needed for the artificial intelligence (AI) to adequately process Spanish. The aim of the alliance is to increase and improve the use of Spanish in the digital realm.

The project aims to promote the development of an industry based on language technologies (natural language processing, automatic translation and conversational systems) that allow companies and products in Spanish to assert themselves in the ongoing technological revolution.

The Ministry points out that linguistic resources, tools and models will be generated through this action they are made available to research centres, companies and users in an open, accessible manner and in suitable formats for use and re-usewhich creates an important transfer of knowledge into the economy.

In this context, the creation of an observatory for neologisms and technical terms is planned, in which these parts of speech will be automatically recorded in real time with the help of AI. In addition, automatic response and content language verification tools will be created and developed. To do this, it is necessary to properly organize and classify all data and create tools that allow them to be used in the best possible way.


Source europapress.es

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