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Government crisis in London: it feels lonely around Boris Johnson

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Status: 07/07/2022 01:56

British Prime Minister Johnson continues to refuse to step down, despite having little support in his own party. Another vote of no confidence is becoming increasingly likely.

By Christoph Prössl, ARD Studio London

Yesterday, a member of the so-called liaison committee wanted to know how the week was going. It is a higher level committee in the House of Commons. A wide range of topics are generally discussed here, Ukraine, asylum policy, e-mobility. And yesterday, of course, the resignation of dozens of Conservative government politicians. A deputy wanted to know how the week was going. Excellent, replied Johnson.

Exceptional, like so many other weeks, said Johnson. The reference to many more weeks is certainly appropriate. Partygate, by-elections lost, maintaining the scandal around a Conservative MP who allegedly groped men. Boris Johnson’s weeks have been turbulent, so interspersed with half-truths, scandals and misleading maneuvers that even many Tories find too much in them.

Call for more resignations

More recently, the scandal around Chris Pincher. He is accused of sexual harassment. Johnsons knew this and nonetheless promoted the man to high party office and later denied it. That is why the uprising in the party now, or should we say: revolt?

After his resignation, former health minister Sajid Javid called on other cabinet members in parliament to leave the government. He spoke to the lower house about values, high standards that must be maintained in the spirit of democracy.

Crisis meeting in Downing Street

During the day, more and more secretaries of state, conservatives in government posts, announced their resignation. And Johnson? No resignation. Not even that evening, when some ministers gathered again in Downing Street to persuade the Prime Minister to resign.

Among them would be Nadhim Zahawi, the man Johnson had just appointed finance minister to succeed the resigned Rishi Sunak. And Priti Patel, the woman who has always been loyal to Johnson. His reasoning: if no one is behind Johnson, then he should resign.

Johnson sticks to his hard line

Johnson saw things very differently on the evening. No resignation, he will remain in office, quote several media close to the Prime Minister. He maintained his firm position, as he had done all day yesterday.

Labor MP Chris Bryant summed it up pretty well when questioned in committee. Chris Pincher has taken it upon himself to be able to grope the men, because the prime minister takes a lot of liberties and gets away with it.

Again and again Johnsons misleading maneuvers

He’s not sure what Chris Bryant means, Johnson said. The Prime Minister has already been accused of leadership failure in an investigative report into the Partygate affair. A commission of inquiry is investigating how Johnson deceived and lied to Parliament.

In an interview, Johnson said that he would not undergo a psychological transformation, he would not change – the party, people should accept it as it is.

Another vote of no confidence increasingly likely

But a psychological transformation is needed if he is to stay in power, said Labor MP Chris Bryant. Many in his own party no longer believe that Johnson is changing his political style and culture.

If he remains stubborn and in power, chances are the faction will change the rules and make another vote of no-confidence possible. It could happen as early as next week.

Source www.tagesschau.de

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