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google play has launched a pilot program that offers developers the opportunity to remediate bugs they have violated while developing their applications to avoid disrupting their services.

Google Play currently has a system in place to ensure compliance with its policies Program Policies for Developers, since it considers various sanctions to censure those who do not respect them, as explained on their help page.

One of the sections that integrates this section relates to the suspension of applications. This happens when a series of repeated errors or serious violations of the platform’s usage policy are registered, such as the incorporation of malicious “software” within your language.

This type of violation of Google rules has consequences negative in the account status of developers who may no longer have access to data important to their work, such as usage statistics or user ratings.

Now the platform offers developers an alternative to rehabilitation. It is a foul removal pilot program created as part of Google Play Academy, as explained by Google on their support page.

The platform has acknowledged that it is aware that many developers are distributing their services “with good intentions” and that they can sometimes unknowingly violate Google Play policies.

Therefore, he pointed out that the aim of this program is to “educate developers to meet the requirementsand assess and expand your knowledge of the platform’s policy compliance in application development.

In this way, Google Play offers them the opportunity to enroll in a training course and undergo a final assessment that will determine that they have taken the rules into account to continue working on their applications.

Developers who are part of this program have the opportunity to void their previous violations as long as their account exists “is ok and has not been canceled” before completing this course.

Google has commented that it optionally sends an email to users who have made an error to join this initiative, which allows them to fix only the error for which the notification was sent.

Likewise, he has pointed out that those developers who have registered the suspension of their accounts meanwhile the next 24 hours due to the fault for which the training course and the relative assessment have been completed, “it is possible” that the other offenses committed in this application will also be annulled.

These training courses have a completion date that is specified in the notification email. In addition, test takers have three attempts to pass the exam.

Source europapress.es

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