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Google Photos photos and albums are actually not available offline. With a trick, you can always save your snapshots offline.

  1. Save Photos and Albums on iOS

  2. Save photos and albums on Android

If you want to sync your photos with Google Photos and access them later on another device, you need an active internet connection. Unlike iCloud Photo Library, for example, Google downloads your photos but doesn’t make them available on other devices without an internet connection.

On the one hand, it saves storage space, but on the other hand, it costs data volume on the go if you want to check your image collection. A simple storage function, like the one known from Spotify for music albums, is still lacking today. Manual downloading of individual records is possible, but does not allow any sorting.

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In this guide, we explain how you can always save images offline and then access them anytime, even without an internet connection. The easiest way to do this is on the iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit more difficult with an Android device.

Save Photos and Albums on iOS

If you want to save an album offline, you need to create it first. Alternatively, you need to go to the location in Photo Stream where the images you want to make available offline are located.

Select and save images

  1. GF PDF 1 GF PDF 1

    All images that you want to save to your devices must be tagged first. Unfortunately, Google Photos doesn’t include a “Select All” feature. This means you have to long press on the first image in the preview first, then select all the other images you want or mark them continuously with a swipe gesture. Once all the images have been selected, tap the “Share” arrow in the upper right corner.

  2. 2

    In the next menu, select the function “Save PDF to iBooks” and press “Original size” .

At this time, the photo files are converted to PDF files – this is the only solution to store individual albums neatly on the iOS device and it affects the photo experience very little. The iBooks app comes pre-installed on every iPhone and iPad, making this solution universally applicable. The images stored here are permanently available offline.

Find albums in iBooks

  1. GF PDF 4 GF PDF 4

    With the export, your new album will automatically open in iBooks. To find it later, open the iBooks app from the home screen, select “My Books” at the bottom of the screen, and “PDF” from the top selection. The best album is your last created.

  2. GF PDF 5 GF PDF 5

    Unfortunately, a thumbnail of your photos is missing here. Alternatively, there is a preview bar at the bottom of the screen. Zoom gestures can be easily implemented.

Alternative: upload photos directly

  1. Google Photos: download images directly Google Photos: download images directly

    If you have marked multiple recordings, after clicking on the share symbol, you will also find the “Save X images” button. Clicking here takes your photos directly into the iOS Photos app, in the Camera Roll section. However, especially if you work with many photos (in parallel), you will quickly lose the overview here, because there is no sorting by album.

Save photos and albums on Android

If you are using Android, you must first ensure that Google Drive is installed on your device. Alternatively, you can download the Google Drive service from us at Netzwelt.

You can find more instructions, tips and tricks for setting up and getting the most out of Google Photos on our linked overview page.

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