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Google Drive: how to take your first steps in the cloud

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July 23, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Google Drive doesn’t just store your files, you can also create documents online, share them, and upload the cloud to your PC. This is how the first steps succeed.

With Google Drive, you store and back up media and documents in cloud storage. But the service can do much more.

In addition, the cloud provider makes Office applications available to you free of charge. With just a few clicks, you can share personal documents or other content from your Drive storage space with friends or co-workers. We’ll show you how to set up Google Drive and how to get started.

  1. Connect to Google Drive
  2. Install Google Drive for PC
  3. Automatically sync files and folders
  4. Upload data to Google Drive
  5. How to download your data from Google Drive
  6. Share files, photos and documents
  7. Manage files, folders and documents

  8. Create Office documents with Google Drive

Google Drive will offer you to download “Google Drive for PC” when you log in for the first time. We recommend that you install the software for a better user experience. With Google Drive – Backup & Sync you synchronize your PC’s folders with the cloud.

In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to proceed when installing the Google service. The rest of the procedure is in the installation wizard.

Install Google Drive for PC

  1. user manual 1

    Click on the EXE file to start the installation. Follow the additional instructions. You will now be guided through the installation process with several text boxes.

Google Drive – Backup and Sync

Google Drive – Backup & Sync is a cloud storage facility that you can use to download your data online for free with any device after downloading.

If you have installed Google Drive – Backup & Sync, you automatically synchronize folders and files on your PC with Google Drive. How synchronization works:

Automatically sync files and folders

  1. user manual 1 user manual 1

    Call up Google Drive – Backup & Sync on your hard drive, for example via the Windows search bar on your desktop.

  2. user manual 2 user manual 2

    Google Drive displays your storage directly in Windows Explorer. You can add, rename or delete any file or folder here – as you are used to from Windows. Every change is automatically synced to your virtual hard drive on Google Drive. So you can use Google Drive for data backups.

You have 15 gigabytes of free online storage for your data, but you have to share it with all Google services. You can access your data with virtually any internet-connected device through the web interface and apps – wherever you are. You can see how to upload your data to Google Drive below.

Where are your data stored? How do I open a file or folder?

Google Drive saves all folders and files under “My Drive”. Folders and files have different icons and colors. For example, folders are gray, photos are red, and text documents are blue. You open files and folders by clicking on the respective file name.

user manual 1

Instructions 1 (Source: Netzwelt)

How to download your data from Google Drive

  1. 1

    If you are using Google Drive, just copy the respective file from your storage to a folder on your hard drive. If you want to be particularly quick, it is also sufficient to simply drag and drop the file onto the desktop.

  2. user manual 1 user manual 1

    You can also use your web browser to access Google Drive. Here you select the file from your clipboard and right click on it. A context menu opens, in which you select “Download”.

You can share your files or folders with other people via Google Drive. These do not need to be saved with Google Drive. How to start sharing:

Manage files, folders and documents

You can use the top toolbar of Google Drive to manage your folders, files, and documents. The basic commands for managing your documents are in the top ribbon. For example, you have the following options:

  • Create a new folder (empty folder icon)
  • Move folder (folder icon with blue left arrow)
  • Delete a file or folder (red X icon)
  • Rename folder (gray text cursor]
  • Copy folder (folder icon with duplicate)
user manual 1

Instructions 1 (Source: Netzwelt)

With Google Drive, you use a complete office package and a simple drawing program. You don’t need to install any software on your computer to create text documents, presentations, tables, forms or drawings. All applications are controlled via the Internet and your browser. Here’s how to start Office apps from Google Drive:

Create Office documents with Google Drive

  1. user manual 1 user manual 1

    On the Google Drive home page, click the plus sign at the top left.

  2. user manual 2 user manual 2

    From the drop-down menu, you choose the type of document you want to create.

  3. 3

    You do not need to save the document manually after creating it. It will automatically be placed in your Google Drive status bar. Changes are constantly cached while editing. You can recognize this by the “All changes saved to Drive” note at the top of the screen. So you won’t lose anything in the cloud, even if you have PC problems.

Looking for more Google Drive tips and tricks? With us you will learn how to restore deleted files or use cloud storage as a web server.

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