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Google Drive: create, modify and delete folders

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July 24, 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Folders are ideal for sorting your documents in Google Drive. In our instructions we will show you how to create, modify and delete them.

The Google Drive online storage device has become an indispensable medium at work for many people. You can share and update your documents with other users of a Gmail account.

For a better overview, it is useful to organize your documents in folders. We’ll show you how it works in cloud storage in the following instructions:

  1. create folder
  2. Move folders or documents
  3. Delete Folder
  4. Move documents to multiple folders
  5. Change folder color

You can then move the folders once they have been created. Again all the steps in detail:

What if you have a folder that you no longer need? You can then delete it to free up space in your cloud.

If you have a file that should be accessible from multiple folders, then Google Drive has a handy feature for that as well. You can move your documents to multiple folders.

For a better overview of your different folders, you can also adjust their color and, for example, mark important folders in red and others in green.

Change folder color

  1. Change folder color.

    You can select different icons for your folders on your Windows PC desktop. This is not possible in Google Drive, but folders can be colored. This makes it possible to create an individual structure for many folders.

  2. The folder is displayed in color. The folder is displayed in color.

    To do this, right-click on the folder of your choice. A drop-down menu opens. Hover over “Change Color”. Then check the appropriate box in the color palette.

  3. 3

    The folder will then be displayed in the selected color.

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