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Google allows you to convert long videos that have already been uploaded to the platform into YouTube shorts


MADRID, July 29 (Portaltic/EP) –

Google has implemented a new YouTube update for iOS and Android that introduces the possibility of converting a long video already published on the platform into another one of shorter duration, called YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a YouTube feature that launched in Spain in July 2021 through a beta version of this Google service allows you to create vertical videos and of short duration, from 15 seconds to a minute.

The company defined this format, which is very similar to the one currently used in TikTok, as “A new paradigmand a “new breed of creator product,” YouTube Shorts chief product officer Todd Sherman said at a meeting.

Now the YouTube shorts have been uploaded directly to the video platform and each vertical video of less than a minute, uploaded or not as shorts, was eligible to be featured in the section it occupies on YouTube.

However, the company has announced that it is now possible to create new content by importing the longest videos and converting them into YouTube shorts of up to 60 seconds the same editing tools who have already had this experience.

As stated by Google in a Help Center Loginthis update “brings new life to classic content” and offers content creators “A New Way to Dress” to your audience.

In addition, it was detailed that if a part of the video is selected, the duration of which is less than 60 seconds, additional videos can be recorded with the shorts camera and even upload more videos from the gallery to reach the minute.

Short videos created from long videos are linked to the original videos, so those watching the YouTube shorts version can also access the longer format.

Likewise, Google has advised that only the original creators of the content can make this switch from long to short format, and not the users who also have access to it.

This option is implemented for the mobile versions of YouTube on devices with an operating system iOS and Android.


Source europapress.es

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