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Good streak of UF bonds would come to an end: Chile Fixed Income

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(Bloomberg) — Recent gains for Chilean UF bonds could soon come to a halt as the market begins to scale back price expectations that analysts say have gone too far.

UF Treasury bonds maturing in 2026 and 2030 rose in the last three weeks as the Russian invasion of Ukraine due to a rebound in commodity prices pushed their yields down some 70 basis points to 1.4% and the 1.6%, respectively.

The rebound has gone too far, according to Marco Gallardo, subcommitted to fixed income at BICE Inversiones. Although inflation came in below analysts’ projections in February, forwards continue to discount that the annual price increase will hit a maximum of 10.8% in August, the fastest pace since 1994. years is at 7.7%, according to dates from SIF ICAP and Risk America. Meanwhile, the economists surveyed by the central bank see it at 3.7% within 23 months.

“UF rates will probably rise in the coming weeks considering that medium-term market inflation expectations, contained in asset prices, are at highs that contrast with economists’ expectations,” Gallardo said.

Consumer prices rose 0.3% from a month earlier, less than half analysts’ expectations. It was the first time since June that inflation came in below projections.

energy punch

Russia’s war in Ukraine has pushed oil prices to their highest level in more than a decade, boosting expectations for local consumer prices.

Rising costs of raw materials, particularly energy, will start to feed into inflation in the coming months, according to Milenko Mitrovic, research manager at Octogone. “That’s why breakevens continue to trend up,” he said.

But the impact of rising commodity prices may not be as severe as asset-implied inflation anticipates. Likewise, concerns about rising debt levels with the inauguration of a new leftist government will prevent UF bond yields from falling much further.

“Structural factors in the Chilean economy were advised, related to lower potential growth, higher public debt and weakening of the capital market due to withdrawals from pension funds last year, which would limit the possibility of further rate cuts,” said Sergio Lehmann, chief economist at Banco de Credito e Inversiones in Santiago.

bonds in pesos

Unlike UF bonds, nominal bonds have accumulated losses in the last three weeks. Treasury bond yields due in 2026 rose 45 basis points, while those on securities due in 2030 rose 14 points.

Several banks have taken advantage of the lower rates to issue bonds in the local market, which has long been dry for corporate sales. In fact, no companies — except financial firms — have issued bonds locally this year. Last week, Banco Consorcio and Scotiabank sold debt, according to data from the Chilean regulator’s website. The previous week, debt sales by banks exceeded 7 million UF.


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