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Good habits to maintain a beautiful mouth

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If we continually move our eyes, what about our mouths!

Talk, kiss, eat, yawn, laugh… the lips spend the day working and deserve a little attention, because the skin in this area is very delicate. Of course, environmental aggressions, stress or tobacco are factors that also influence the appearance of vertical wrinkles (called barcodes).

Why does it happen?

According to the publication Vital Health“exposure to UVA rays and pollution cause the formation of free radicals and the oxygenation of cells. Defend, the skin produces destructive enzymes that not only neutralize free radicals, but also damage healthy cells and collagen and elastin fibers”.

And finally, wrinkles appear. Indeed, the lips begin to age around the age of 25.. In addition, your skin tends to dry out, as it lacks sebaceous glands to defend itself from the sun, cold and wind.

Good habits to maintain a beautiful mouth

  • Don’t suppress your laughter, but yes these little quirks What purse your lips (leaves the skin raw), bite them (this dehydrates them and causes wrinkles) or wets them with saliva (dries them out).
  • Morning and evening, after cleansing the skin, apply a special product to moisturize the lip contour.. If you don’t want or can’t spend a lot of money, keep in mind that the same product you use for the eye area works for you.
  • When you exfoliate your face, spread the product also around the lips, but very gently and delicately.. Do not apply it on the lips.
  • Always have cocoa or petroleum jelly in your bag to apply to your lips when they need it. Keeps them moist and prevents drying out and the cracks.


Source metroecuador.com

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