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Gold prices today in Syria, Wednesday March 16, 2022

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The average price of gold fell today in Syria, Wednesday, March 16, 2022, in conjunction with the fall of the precious metal worldwide.

Gold Price Today in Syria

The average price of a gram of 24-carat gold in Syria fell to about 154,784 thousand pounds ($61.62) today.

The average price of a gram of 21-carat gold in Syria (the most traded on the market) also fell to about 135,438 thousand pounds (53.92 dollars).

While the average price of a gram of 18-carat gold in Syria in today’s trade was about 116,089 thousand pounds ($46.21).

Looking at cheap gold prices in Syria today on local markets, the average price of one gram of 14-carat gold reached about 90,290 thousand pounds ($35.94).

The price of an ounce and a pound of gold today in Syria

The average price of an ounce of gold today in Syria, during overnight transactions on local markets, fell to the level of 4.813 million Syrian pounds (1916 dollars).

The average price of a pound of gold in Syria today (8 grams of 21 carats) has also fallen to around 1,083 million pounds ($431.33).

Gold prices today worldwide

Globally, the spot price of gold fell slightly to $1,913.98 an ounce, shedding about 0.21% of its value, and gold futures prices for April delivery fell 0.63% to $1,917. .5 an ounce.

Analysts say gold market moves will be “cautious” ahead of the US Federal Reserve meeting later on Wednesday.

Investors expect the US central bank to raise interest rates by at least 25 basis points amid rising prices.

Those interested in the gold market will also be watching the Fed’s moves closely.

US bond yields fell in Asian trade, with the benchmark 10-year bond yield at 2.1545%, having earlier risen to 2.169%, the highest level since June 2019.

The US dollar was also down slightly against a basket of its peers, trading at 98.861, and fell against the yen at 118.22, though still near a 5-year high, while the euro was up 0.16% at 1 $.0969.

Oil prices, trading lower earlier in the session, rose as Russia’s military operation in Ukraine continued to fuel volatility.

Brent, the global benchmark, rose 1.4 percent to $101.39 a barrel, and US crude rose 2 percent to $98.71.

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