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Gold prices today in Jordan, Sunday March 20, 2022

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Gold prices stabilized today in Jordan, during trading on Sunday, March 20, 2022, amid anticipation of developments in global precious metals markets.

Gold Price Today in Jordan

The price of a gram of 24-carat gold registered today in Jordan 43.89 dinars (61.83 dollars).

And a gram of 18-carat gold stabilized in Jordan today, registering at 32.92 dinars ($46.37).

Looking at the cheap gold prices today in Jordan, the price of a gram of 14-karat gold was around 25.60 dinars ($36.07), and the price of a gram of 12-karat gold was around 21.94 dinars ($30.91).

21 Karat Gold Price Today in Jordan

The price of a gram of 21-carat gold stabilized today in Jordan (the most traded on the market), at about 38.40 dinars (54.10 dollars).

And the price of an ounce (one ounce) in Jordan today marked about 1365 dinars (1923 dollars), and the price of a pound of gold today in Jordan recorded about 307.22 dinars (432.82 dollars).

world gold prices

Globally, gold prices fell at the close of last Friday’s trading session (the close of sessions for the week), to post the biggest weekly drop in four months, with improved market sentiment following the central banks and the continuation of Russian-Ukrainian talks. .

The US president, Joe Biden, held telephone conversations with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to analyze the developments in the war in Ukraine, while the Chinese president stressed that relations between countries should not lead to confrontations, as is happening in Ukraine. , because this will not benefit anyone. .

Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian negotiators continue peace talks between the two sides to end the ongoing war, and while the Kremlin denied on Thursday that an agreement had been reached, news of little progress in the talks fueled optimism in the markets.

And the pressure on gold increased during last week’s trading, after the Federal Reserve decided to raise US interest rates for the first time since 2018 by 25 basis points, due to the high rate of inflation and the labor market recovery.

Meanwhile, “James Bullard”, a member of the US Open Market Central Committee, said that it is necessary to raise interest rates by the equivalent of 12 times this year, for the bank to convince consumers that it is serious face. of rising inflation.

And the price of gold futures contracts for April delivery fell 0.7%, or $13.90, to settle at $1,929.30 an ounce as the first session settled on Friday.

In total trading last week, the price of precious metal futures contracts fell 2.8%, marking the biggest weekly drop since November 2021.

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