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Giveaways: Leica makes wristwatches, and plus, Ed Hardy is back! – style

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The designer Sebastian Herkner at the age of 41 he can already refer to an extensive body of work. The designer from Offenbach am Main has received numerous awards for his lamps, chairs and upholstered furniture in recent years and has become one of the most sought-after product designers in the world. Glass always plays a role, for example in his iconic Bell Table with the imposing glass dome as its base. However, with his most recent work, Herkner entered new glass territory: wine glasses, designed for the 150th anniversary of the traditional German manufacturer. zwiesel glass. Herkner gave the simple and beautiful “Journey” glass series a striking reference to the company’s history on the glass handle: the tactile etched relief is a stylized timeline of the company. The goal is to feel the history of the glass between your fingers as you drink and to feel a connection between the past and the future, so to speak. With starting prices of around €15 per glass, the anniversary range is also cheap for a true Herkner. His second project with the Bavarian Forest glass professionals is a little more expensive, but worth a look: the “Manoa” drinking glass series, which comes very close to the typical Herkner design language with its opulent waves. twisted and bulbous shapes. Executed with the perfect art of blown glass and comfortable in the hand, these glasses and carafe are destined to refine every single sip of water and make its value clear (two pieces from €99, zdiesel-glas.com).

To have and to be: tradition and design come together in a hiking shoe: the Loewe x On collection.

Tradition and design come together in a hiking shoe: the Loewe x On collection.

(Photo: manufacturer)

Like walking on clouds and standing with your feet on the stars: the hiking shoes from the joint collection of Lion and On Make it possible. While other luxury brands have already made countless collaborations, the traditional Spanish house, founded 176 years ago, is now collaborating with another brand for the first time. The fact that the choice did not fall on a sportswear giant but on the young Zurich sports shoe brand On is due to the fact that Loewe’s own designer, Jonathan Anderson, is a fan of On shoes and their technology super cushioned but stable sole. The waterproof upper of the “Cloudrock” boots is made from recycled polyester and the sole is beautifully marbled, an effect achieved by mixing different colored granules by hand. In this way, each shoe becomes a unique handmade item. The two brands call the result “a joint exploration of performance and craftsmanship” (390 euros, loewe.com).

To have and to be: Leica is known for its cameras, now there are also two traditional company wristwatches.

Leica is known for its cameras, and now the traditional company also has two wristwatches.

(Photo: manufacturer)

The company leica de Wetzlar is one of the world’s most valued traditional manufacturers and has been known for its cameras and optics for around 150 years. After several years of development, the range has now been expanded to include two precision tools: the Leica L1 and L2 wristwatches. The distinguished watches are entirely made (including the mechanical movement) in the Black Forest, and German design professor Achim Heine was responsible for the design. A special feature is the crown, which is not pulled out as usual to set the watch, but is pressed in like a camera shutter for various functions (leica-camera.com).

Have & Be: Look Who's Back: Ed Hardy can now be found at Urban Outfitters.

Look who’s back: Ed Hardy is now at Urban Outfitters.

(Photo: manufacturer)

You could have set the clock. In the course of the ongoing Y2K renaissance, brief and fresher for: the 2000s, brands long thought to have been forgotten, such as Miss Sixty, Replay and Blumarine, are back on the radar of the young target group . Marketing departments quickly searched the internet for names that were still popular at the time. Bingo! Star tattoo artist Donald Edward Hardy founded his own brand in 2002 ed hardy, who became known for his colorful tattoo-like patterns. Shortly after French designer Christian Audigier acquired the license, curvy letters were soon everywhere, but they were also a proven “chav predicate.” Hardy is reported to have said, “I don’t judge anyone by how he lives and dresses, but I don’t wear Ed Hardy shirts myself.” It does not matter. However, many young people will do it again because the fashion chain Urban Outfitters Providers launches a 20th anniversary revival collection: t-shirts, tank tops, crop tops, all featuring Japanese tattoo artwork and of course the iconic lettering. Do we bet that Chevignon, Chipie and Girbaud will soon be back in fashion? (urbanoutfitters.com)

Anyone who occasionally finds that there are too many jars and jars of cream lying around in the bathroom because more and more urgent care is constantly being recommended should take the brand. Violette_fr I like. It was founded by French makeup artist Violette Grey, who has previously worked at Dior and Estée Lauder and has amassed a huge fan base on Instagram and YouTube. Last year it launched its own line where the two main products are 3-in-1 concepts: The “boom boom milk“It promises to be a toner, serum and moisturizer all in one. The creamy substance is spritzed onto the face just once and is the perfect “drink” for the skin, according to the Frenchwoman, who lives in New York. Fittingly,”C’est The Cream“, which can be used as a day care, mask and eye cream at the same time. Above all, it should serve as a rich protective shield against harmful environmental influences. By the way, the makeup artist does not create too much makeup, either ” contouring” (defining and accentuating the shape of the face a la Kardashian) that he considers completely superfluous. Hooray! Less things that have to be thrown away in the bathroom (64 euros, violetfr.com).

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