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Give Kiko Matamoros a program about books

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In the programs of screaming and outbursts, there’s always a collaborator or two who think they’re worth something more than interrogating plucked chavs and ordinary women in gala dresses. Pen in hand (the trend of talking on cellphones during the show was invented by Jesús Mariñas), they eventually exclaim “I’ve got culture, brat!”. The always sulphurous Karmele Marchante had been a co-founder of White Garlic. Ángel Antonio Herrera was a self-proselytizer and used to find a hole in the night to talk about his love of poetry.

In early telescrap there was a division between pros and free riders. The first found no moral impediments to creating the television we have. Maybe they didn’t realize that over time they would be the wimps.

The fact is that I have a very good idea so that Mediaset can take advantage of this month of August: a program about books. It’s about getting the four who are still reading to talk to famous people in the house (that surrogate) about the books they like. There is probably the only one where it rings The little Prince, others are looking for lyrics that remind them of their lives. And there they develop. For example: Pepe Navarro comments on pOnata KreutzerGlory of Little Nicholas Bel AmiKiko Rivera appears with Doctor Moreau’s Islandand Kiko Hernández illustrates a herpetology manual.

You have Kiko Matamoros, who has just arrived from Bahía Mosquito, full of romance and a thirst for adventure, why not take advantage of him, who already assumes the task of prescriber (free) on his social networks, and on top of that with good taste? This program will not please in the world of culture. Only those who appear in it or have the opportunity to appear in it will welcome it … it is very important to preserve the customs of the environment.

It is summer. You have nothing to lose.

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