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Get straight hair with the Brazilian straightening kit sweeping Amazon

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If you’re one of those people who have always had flawlessly straight hair but now have uncontrolled curls that you struggle with every morning, you’ve come to the right article. The pandemic has changed many suddenly acquired habits; One of them visited the hairdresser with a certain periodicity. And it is that the work of hairdressers and stylists is in many cases vital and without their help it is sometimes difficult to keep hair in check as well-groomed and healthy as usual.

Fortunately, there are many solutions to achieve it yourself from home and there are quality ones. So, if you have a little time to devote to hair care, we bring you one of the best options so that those rebellious or wavy curls don’t drive you crazy.

We are talking about package Savings on the Kativa brand that includes Brazilian smoothing set Y Shampoo after straightening which maintains the effect for 12 weeks.

What is Brazilian straightening?

There have been endless hair straightening techniques over the years and the truth is most of them have left it smooth as a board… but they’ve spoiled it. This is not the case with Brazilian judging. It was born in Brazil about 20 years ago and became a worldwide hit because It consists not only in making the hair smooth and beautiful, but also in cleaning it from the inside.

It is always formulated Based on pure keratin – the all-time star ingredient when it comes to straightening – and other oils, it manages to restore energy and strength to hair that it has lost due to wear and tear, external influences and other applied chemical processes. This treatment greatly repairs the structure of the hair, which is why it looks so beautiful on the outside.

Kativa Post-Smoothing Shampoo + Conditioner Kit. Amazon users often add the post straightening hair care kit to their purchase and also recommend it. The same brand distributes this shampoo and conditioner duo that protects the hair and prolongs the treatment.

Buy it from Amazon for €14.60

How long does Brazilian straightening take with Kativa? How is it used?

Each treatment and brand sets its own ritual, but the steps are consistent if you get it right. This is how you should use the kit Kativa:

1. Wash your hair with the treatment Pre-shampoo 1 (You can do it once or twice depending on your habits), towel dry (remember not to rub, just use light pressure to remove moisture without breaking the fibers) and also with a dryer.

two. Divide the hair into two parts and apply with the help of the brush Brazilian hair straightener 2. Spread it well with your hands from root to tip.

3. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then use a comb to remove excess product. Wash the hair intensively to remove any excess treatment.

Four. Dry it with the help of a brush and a dryer until the moisture is completely removed.

5. Use the iron (temperature 200°C) and run it through the hair in fine strands. When you are done and there is no residue of the product left, let the hair sit for 5 minutes.

6. Wash it again with shampoo 3 until the rest of the treatment is completely removed. Drain the hair well before the next step.

7. apply air conditioning 4: Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off with plenty of water.

8th. Just dry the hair with a hair dryer and you can see the result.

Kativa: #1 in smoothing

The brand has developed a variety of smoothing treatments, but this is undoubtedly the most successful: can be used for all hair types, is easy to apply, eliminates frizz for over 10 weeks and get the natural and shiny finish you are looking for.

Of course, it comes with a hugely competitive and affordable price. And its users have helped make it a bestseller on Amazon 4.3 stars and over 1,800 reviews (65% of which 5 stars). These are some of their opinions.

“Took me about 2 hours on long hair and it leaves it fluffy, shiny and smooth. After a final dry with a tumble dryer and no brush, it’s perfect.”

“I have a lot of hair and one boat is enough. It was super smooth and no bulk, I’ve been here for three weeks and I’m happy.”

Attention also to some of his Notes and Tips:

– “The dryer part is the most awkward part because since the hair is soaked in the product it doesn’t appear to be dry, but it is.”

– “If you hit it with the dryer and with the iron, a lot of smoke will come out, but this is normal, don’t be afraid.”

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