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Get him vaccinated now! The Ministry of Health calls on parents to respect the regular vaccination schedule for their children and adolescents.

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The Ministry of Health launched the campaign “Vaccinate Now”with the aim of inviting parents and guardians of children under 16 to comply with the regular vaccination schedule, addressing the various health centers of the Metropolitan District of Quito. The regular vaccination schedule refers to the different vaccines that children need from an early age to prevent diseases such as chickenpox, whooping cough, measles, etc.

At present, 80% coverage should already be achieved in the capital but, according to Angélica Fierro, head of vaccinations at Zonal Coordination 9, this is not the case.

“We haven’t even reached 50%. We have been affected by the pandemic and unemployment, despite the fact that our staff are constantly working; the brigades were both in the health centers and in the territory.

This is why the campaign has arrived which, since July 13, has made it possible to address 92,832 usersdivided into different age groups.

  • Less than a year : 46,501 children
  • From 12 to 23 months: 22,917 children
  • 5 years: 9,056 children
  • 9 years: 6,784 children
  • 15 years: 7,564 children

This important figure has nevertheless been reached according to the distribution of the campaign, even if it is still missing to reach the objective of 100% by the end of the year.

“Users must approach health centers. It is much easier for people to come to the centers than for a nurse to move around a community”.

Angélica Fierro, head of vaccinations for the Zone 9 Coordination

Why do some parents not accompany their children to respect the regular vaccination schedule?

We have daily cases where parents or guardians do not have a vaccination record because they have lost it. We invite you to visit the health centers so that our staff can ask you the questions that allow us to guarantee that the child has received the vaccines; otherwise, the child can still be vaccinated depending on their age. We don’t want not having the vaccination card to become an excuse.

What is the availability of vaccines?

According to Iron, vaccines are available in the 135 establishments. “From birth, we already vaccinate in maternal and child hospitals, as always, and from two months the regular schedule is already respected in other health centers.”

Can you follow the regular vaccination schedule and get vaccinated against COVID-19?

“We have no contraindications to joint vaccines; that is, the COVID-19 vaccine can be placed simultaneously with the regular vaccination schedule,” Fierro said.

Likewise, he highlighted how the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 should be carried out according to age, being the following:

  • From 3 to 11 years old should have a two-dose primary schedule.
  • From 12 to 17 years old they should have both doses plus a booster (3 doses of COVID-19 vaccine).
  • From the age of 18 They must already have the primary regimen and the two reinforcements (4 doses of vaccine against COVID-19).

From the primary regimen (2 doses) you have to wait four months to access the first boosterthen four more months for the second booster of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Source metroecuador.com

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