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German politicians on “Tik Tok” .. singing and dancing “against the current”

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From singing to dancing, high-ranking German politicians are “exaggerated” on social media apps, drawing widespread criticism.

And the German newspaper “Bild” (independent), wrote that these politicians “occupy the highest positions in Germany and demand respect for the state, politics and democratic institutions. But some are behaving like teenagers on the Internet.”

He continued: “More and more politicians are becoming clowns on the Internet, appearing on their official accounts in short clips, dancing, singing and acting, especially through the video sharing platform Tik Tok, which is especially popular with children. and young people.”

For example, the 53-year-old President of the Bundestag, Purple Bass, who represents the 736 MPs who are supposed to draft laws and represent the “German people”, appeared in a video clip on her “Tik Tok” account. site last Tuesday.

Bass, who is in quarantine for the Corona virus, Yenha ​​​​shared a video clip through the famous application, and appeared moving her lips on the lyrics of a children’s song titled “I Can Do It”, by singer Rolf Zukowski.

It was only natural that the video sparked a firestorm of criticism that a big politician couldn’t air it in light of a war in Europe, according to Bild, prompting Bass to remove the clip and apologize.

Johannes Steinger, a professor at Charles Darwin University, said in an interview: “It annoys me that a woman who ranks second highest in the country is presenting online at the kindergarten level!… It hurts the value of the position. ”

In another example, Wolfgang Huebsch, deputy speaker of the Parliament of Bavaria, Germany’s second-largest state, shared a video clip via “Tik Tok” of himself singing and jumping to the beat of the song “Rocky,” and the rep has 120k followers on the app.

As for the former “Telcom” board member, Thomas Sattleberger (72 years old), who is now a member of the German Federal Parliament, his 150,000 followers share many clips via “Tik Tok”, and appears, among other things, in a space suit like Waving a doll emitting lasers.

Likewise, Emilia Pfister, 23, a member of the German Federal Parliament for the Green Party, known for her emotional rhetoric in favor of Corona vaccination, is very active on “Tik Tok”, and last Tuesday she published a video clip of she dancing. stop the music.

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