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Gerhard Schröder meets Vladimir Putin in Moscow

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According to the European branch of the Politico outlet, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder is said to be in Moscow for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the online page of the Bild newspaper, he is supposed to mediate in the conflict with Ukraine. According to the tabloid portal, he traveled to Russia on his account. The SPD leadership knew nothing about it, so it was a private meeting.

Schröder’s wife, So-yeon Schröder-Kim, had already announced on social media that she was often asked if her husband could mediate the conflict. “Many people … contacted me personally to ask if my husband could talk to Mr. Putin about the war in Ukraine.” This insistence now could have led Schröder to want to meet with Putin. Both are united by a friendship of many years.

After the start of the Ukraine war and the Russian invasion, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was criticized for not distancing himself from President Vladimir Putin and for having given up business relations with the Russian state-owned company Gazprom.

More to come.

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