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Garamendi (CEO) celebrates Andalucia voting for moderation: “The extremes may be too much for us”

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The President of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has congratulated the popular Juanma Moreno on his “historic” victory in the Andalusian regional elections, interpreting that the election result reflects that the Autonomous Community has “chosen moderation” to ensure that the extremes may ” Excess”.

This was revealed this Monday during his speech at the XXXIX. APIE seminar “Sustainability and digitalisation: the levers of recovery” explained a day after the Popular Party won the regional elections in Andalusia.

Referring to the election result in Andalusia, Garamendi would like to congratulate the popular personality Juanma Moreno on her “extraordinary” results and admits that the CEOE likes it when “a moderate person” wins the elections, as he believes in the case of Moreno the case is.

“I like that he is a moderate person. Without going into partisan facts, for me at the moment the bottom line of yesterday’s elections is that Andalusia voted moderate. I’m not interested in one side or the other, but in everything that those are extremes, maybe we have left”, estimated.

The popular Juanma Moreno on Sunday received the first absolute majority in the municipality since 2008 with 58 MPs and more than 1.5 million votes against a PSOE that recorded its worst historical result with 30 seats, and Citizens (Cs) stayed out of the afterward Member of the PP in the municipality’s first non-socialist government.

The PP, which received more than double the number of seats and support in the election compared to the 2018 regional election (with 26 MPs and 20.8% of the vote), also slowed the advance of Vox, which was slowed despite being the sole force , which rose in support along with the people, failed in its attempt to condition the Andalusian government.

Asked if he would have applauded the same way if the PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Espadas, had won an absolute majority, the CEOE President assured that when he congratulates Juanma Moreno, it is for the fact that he is a The candidate is a moderate person and that he supports changes and moderate candidates “on both sides”.

“We work with moderate people and I’m all for a change. With everything the moderation space is (which is much bigger in this country than we think) I think they will find us there and they always found us (…). We think that the extremes contribute very little. When you hear moderate messages from both sides, but moderate messages, whoever wins, I think that’s something this country needs,” Garamendi stated.

In this context, the President of the CEOE took the opportunity to call for more agreements between the major parties who “still have a lot to say”.

Source europapress.es

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