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Gamarra accuses Sánchez of “giving up” on taking Puigdemont to court with the reform of the crime of sedition


Warns that this cannot be an “exchange currency” to continue in Moncloa and that if the PP wins, it will “reverse”, which means breaking the tie


PP Secretary-General Cuca Gamarra has accused Executive President Pedro Sánchez of “refusing” to bring former Generalitat President Carles Puigdemont and other “fugitives” to justice through the “de-judiciary” , which he agreed with ERC at the dialogue table to modify the crime of sedition. Furthermore, he has pointed out that this pact even sets a date for this reform, which he says is the “next quid pro quo” for the CEO to “continue to survive” in La Moncloa.

In an interview granted to Europa Press, Gamarra asserted that this “dejustice” referred to by Sánchez and ERC “is related to the fact that the rule of law is not applied to those who violate the constitutional order are fleeing justice and you haven’t been tried yet.”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s “number two” stressed that Pedro Sánchez’s “separatist partners” “have shown this time that they always rally their support” and “there are the facts to prove it”.

“Part has already been pardoned and the second part remains, those who have not even been brought to justice because they are on the run from justice,” he said, highlighting that the CEO now “refuses to accept them of the Making Justice Available to Let Them Pass The Way of Dejustice”.

In that sense, he pointed out that the ERC and the other pro-independence parties have been “very clear and insistent” on what they want: “The modification of the crime of sedition so that there is a favorable framework to apply to the fled and therefore will not be tried under the current conditions, which would result in a conviction”.

Gamarra pointed out that the “road in these negotiations is the reform of the crime of sedition” and stressed that at the dialogue table it was agreed “until the deadline” for its approval: the next session, which ends on 31 December. December.

“They have already set the deadline for the next payment in exchange for Pedro Sánchez continuing to survive as governor of La Moncloa,” he added. When asked if she believes this calendar will be a counterpart to a new ERC support for general government budgets, Gamarra has stated that she “has no doubt that it exists”.


Regarding whether the PP will overturn this penal reform if it reaches the government, the Secretary-General of the “People” has indicated that if it is approved, they will decide, but has pointed out that her PP party has “all reverse” assumes “a breach of the equality of Spaniards before the law and of the equality of Spaniards”.

In his view, the individual rights and freedoms of Spaniards “cannot be negotiated to keep someone in La Moncloa” and the PP is there to “guarantee” this. “A responsible government that really does what the Spaniards deserve would not give up equality before the law for Spaniards in exchange for more time in Moncloa,” he claimed.

Gamarra is convinced that Sánchez’s “independence partners” will “regain” their support. “This table is the misnamed table of dialogue. I think it would be better defined if it was called the table of what’s mine,” he exclaimed.


As to whether the PP is ready to atone for the crime of the illegal referendum if it wins the general election, Gamarra has assured that he is a state party with a vocation for institutional strengthening “even more so at the moment” due to the “deterioration”. carried out in institutional politics by the “weak” executive of PSOE and United We Can.

For this reason, he has said that if the Spaniards give them the opportunity to govern, they will propose a “proposal to strengthen the institutions and the state framework” and that the crime of the illegal referendum could be included there. “We will analyze it and if we consider it, we will include it,” he added.

The spokeswoman for the ethnic group in Congress has also highlighted that the PP and Cs have appealed to the Constitutional Court against the Generalitat’s rules against the use of Spanish in the classroom and have criticized the government for “backing down” from that step, which “shows the renunciation of the functions of Pedro Sánchez”. In his opinion, “the most serious thing is why he’s doing it,” which is nothing short of “surviving” in power.

“In the face of this transfer of the Spaniards’ rights to independence, the PP will be the guarantee. That’s why we appealed to the TC to defend the right of all Catalans to have their linguistic rights guaranteed and respected,” he explained.


Gamarra has stressed that the PP defends “heartfelt bilingualism” because languages ​​”are not there to separate or confront, but to communicate and unite.” As he pointed out, at the dialogue table, languages ​​can never be “a bargaining chip for a political and electoral interest, as Pedro Sánchez demonstrated this week through this agreement”.

On whether the PP is in favor of expanding the use of co-official languages ​​in the Senate, Gamarra has indicated that they will analyze it if it matters, but he recalled that the Senate is a territorial chamber that already has “a specific regime” for languages ​​that cannot be used as an “instrument for confrontation with Spaniards”. In the case of the European Parliament, he pointed out that “every country’s official rules apply there” and “everyone can understand them”.


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Source europapress.es

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