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“Funeral for a Dog” on Sky: The Tender Rubble of Dreams

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Count to three, that’s what it all comes down to. Three: the number of legs on a dog owned by a corrupt Colombian police officer who lost the fourth one night in 1998. Three: Tuuli, Felix and Svensson, who just met while working on a charity project, take the dog with them and living as three is not too much (for love) and not too little (for the dog), but just right. Of course, the dog still limps.

He is a journalist – or rather a desperate stalker – who is desperate to understand this relationship twelve years later. Because Svensson has now become a writer (of course, a shy person and not a company noodle) and has written an acclaimed book about two men and a woman, about love and loss, a kind of modern version of Henri- Pierre Roche, who once described his own love triangle, under the name of jules and jim became world famous. So when journalist Daniel (Albrecht Schuch) accidentally meets Tuuli (Alina Tomnikov) on the plane and through her gains access to the locked Svensson (Friedrich Mücke) on Lake Orta in Italy, he finds only the ruins of the palace, which is plagued. with dangerous cracks Dreams of the three lovers: Svensson lives next door instead of with his American girlfriend Kiki. And Felix (Daniel Sträßner), who raised a son with Tuuli in Berlin-Zehlendorf, is dead. There are rumors about this death.

"funeral for a dog" on Sky: Journalist Daniel (Albrecht Schuch, left) meets his idol, writer Svensson (Friedrich Mücke), in Italy.

Journalist Daniel (Albrecht Schuch, left) meets his idol, writer Svensson (Friedrich Mücke), in Italy.

(Photo: Frank Griebe/Sky Germany)

Time jumps and years gone by belong to the rough cutlery of many a rather mediocre streamer series. funeral for a dog, produced for Sky, also jumps through time but does so with impressive sophistication. The series tells several phases of this love story at the same time, surrounds them from different perspectives, contrasts the version of Svensson’s book with the observations of the journalist Daniel, shows the breaks and the moment of the wound, blurs clues and throws others.

The template is the novel of the same name by Thomas Pletzinger, who co-wrote the screenplay with authors Hanno Hackfort and Bob Konrad, for energetic plots as in 4 blocks they are known. but funeral for a dog has become an atmospheric series in the David Dietl and Barbara Albert production, in which images and light are always told grandly: how Tuuli, Felix and Svensson celebrate the turn of the millennium in Finland and everything in life is open for them, how they are going to move to New York and have a son on September 11, 2001 who has two parents. How then they get lost, they meet again in Berlin, they meet again at the lake in Italy. And as journalist Daniel, who watches helplessly at his house as his marriage fails, he wants an interview and consolation from his idol Svensson, only to discover: things don’t work that way.

similar to classic jules and jim By the way, the female character Tuuli is independent and enigmatic, mainly the feelings of men are dealt with. that doesn’t change any of that funeral for a dog has become a huge melodramatic epic about the failure of the idea that love is a conspiracy forever.

Funeral for a Dog, eight episodes, on Sky.

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