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FUNDAMEDIOS records 116 attacks on journalists during days of protests in Ecuador

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June 25, 2022 at 1:22 p.m.

Until the twelfth day of demonstrations FOUNDAMEDIAS recorded a total of 116 attacks on journalists. The organization which calls for and defends freedom of expression assured that there were 65 journalists, 20 cameramen, six photojournalists, five communicators, four human rights defenders, four web pages, three assistants, three media in general and two specific attacks against the media.

Attacks on journalists continue in Ecuador and occur against traditional media and digital natives.


During the last day, there was an attack on the GK journalist team which was attacked by protesters in El Ejido Park. Media reported that journalist Isabela Ponce and cameraman Nicole Moscoso were assaulted by two men who cornered them asking them not to record and delete the photos and videos.

They took their cell phones and seeing that they belonged to GK, they returned them. One of them forced Nicole to point out the material she was recording and then warned them: “get the hell out of here, they’re going to lynch you”.

Rupturas magazine journalist Lenin Salas was assaulted in the middle of a live broadcast he was making in the El Arbolito sector in AV. On August 10, by agents of the National Police.

In the video published by the media to which he belongs, it was possible to observe how the journalist recorded the beatings inflicted by the uniformed officers on a demonstrator.

Suddenly, two policemen on motorcycles approached him and beat him despite the fact that he identified himself as a member of the press, so the show ended. The magazine Rupturas denounced the attack from its networks: “a few minutes ago he was brutally attacked by members of the national police”, he said.

Anahí Vega, journalist for the newspaper La Hora, while she was reporting on 12 de Octubre Avenue, in front of the Catholic University, “a subject grabbed her by the waist and arrested her, along with two others men, they asked her why she was recording with the mobile phone, that if it was the national press they would take the phone, Vega had to deny that she is a journalist”, denounces FUNDAMEDIOS.

Source metroecuador.com

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