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Fuel price at 2 euros per litre? 3 tricks to save (also when refueling)

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The price of fuel has already passed the mark of 2 euros per litre, saving is no longer an option for many. Mobility costs are rising, making travel an expensive and dubious pleasure. Unfortunately, working from home is not an option for everyone.

Saving is and will continue to be important for one’s financial base. But how to save, even on refueling, but also in general? Today, let’s look at three different ways that can still make a difference. Both at the pump and in your daily life.

Fuel price at 2 euros and still save: average cost

If the price of fuel exceeds 2 euros, it helps to make small savings. At night, refueling is a bit cheaper in itself. But to mitigate fluctuations over days, it’s helpful to use what’s known as cost averaging.

That means very simply: as a consumer, you deliberately don’t fill up completely so that you have to fill up again and again. The price of gasoline fluctuates daily. Sometimes it’s more than 2 euros, sometimes maybe less. Ultimately, it’s about filling the tank now at different prices, and thus minimizing the timing of a particularly bad time.

By the way, this also works when investing, for example with a savings plan. If you always refuel for 25 euros, you get 12.5 liters, 12.8 liters and maybe 12.3 liters. Of course, planning your way to the gas station is crucial. But with the help of this approach, which works not only for refueling but also for other price-sensitive goods, it is possible to save.

Small animals do shit too!

Of course, saving on fuel is difficult. It is better to constantly save in everyday life. But the gas station shows that small animals often make a mess after all. It doesn’t matter if you refuel at 2.05 euros per liter or 2.00 euros. With a tank volume of just 20 litres, that makes a difference of one euro.

We can also appreciate small changes. If you keep your change and even the most discreet amounts under a euro in a piggy bank or a large jar, you can also lay the foundation for a fortune. And best of all, this is usually not noticeable either. Consistency is an important feature to save more in the long run.

Over the course of a year, if you consistently save your change, you should be able to get more than a full tank of fuel. This can provide an added boost that at least cushions costs a bit by being more mindful of small quantities.

Saving of 2 euros: it would be a liter every time!

If you want to save a little more money than the small change, you can also set aside other coins. For example, each 2 euro coin that is given as change. Of course, you will notice at this point that you are saving a larger amount. But it is still a very common way.

In short, you have to think about it: each 2 euro coin that is kept apart is currently a liter of gasoline at the gas station. If you also do this daily approach over a longer period of time, it is possible to refill the tank every two to three months.

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