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It was an accident! Dog causes fire after lighting stove

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The dogs They have become a very important element in a large number of homes.

In fact, the love many people have for lomitos reaches such a degree that They start treating them as if they were human beings.

While it is true that there are very intelligent furry animals that can pick up certain words and commands, they are still animals, so they must have the relevant care.

They lose part of their house to a fire caused by their dog

It was learned the hard way. family from Kansas City, USA, that he had a terrible experience, during which he lost much of his possessions.

And it is that, like every other day, they chose to leave their two dogs alone in their home.

However, the mistake they made was to leave a little food in a panwhich remained on the stove.

One of the two kidneys was jumpingwith the intention of reaching for food, and activated one of the flames.

Like a chain effect the fire burned the grease that was in the pan, until it lit a fire inside the house.

The house was equipped with security cameras, which made it possible to quickly and precisely identify the origin of the accident.

The Southern Platte Fire Protection Office has confirmed that the fire was a consequence of the rapid movement of the legs on the stove.


Since the accident, authorities have advised the world’s population not to buy household appliances that light up when touchedeven less when there are pets or children at home.

The misfortune was material, because the two dogs who were in the house managed to escape unscathed.

The owners of the premises shared stunning pictures, in social networks, to try to raise awareness among others; his intention is to prevent this type of situation, by asking not to buy stoves that catch fire when touched and to be careful with pets and children.

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