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From Ultra to President of Hertha Berlin

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Kay Bernstein during a Hertha meeting before the election.DPA via Europa Press (Europa Press)

Members in the front rows of the Olympic Stadium meeting room stood up together and raised their arms to shout, which is already the fans’ cheers, also the fans’ rallying cry to cheer on their team. “Ha, ho, he, Hertha!” they intoned loudly. As if they were on the curve of the stadium, as if it were game day. The tune spread throughout the venue and Kay Bernstein, 41, appropriated it as she had done so many other times, being a recognized Ultra of the team. But now he is President of Hertha BSC, elected with 1,670 of the 3,016 votes cast. Absolute majority and victory over constructor Marvin Brumme (26 votes) and Foxes handball president Frank Steffel (1,280).

Bernstein, who was born in Marienberg in 1980 and came to Berlin with his family eight years later, entered the Olympic Stadium for the first time in 1994. He was soon nearing the animation curve, eventually joining the ultra group Harlquins ’98, one of the most prominent members for years of carrying the megaphone to liven up the roost. But also the scuffles because he was ejected from the stadium up to three times and once arrested by the police for allegedly instigating objects thrown onto the field, which ended up injuring a worker. “I was active as a fan, organized myself at national level and worked for our curve for eight years, I gave everything for Hertha,” said the businessman at a communications company and another construction company (he studied industrial mechanics). married with one daughter, driving a Porsche.

These aren’t the best of times for the Berlin club, a team from the capital who haven’t stepped off the elevator to the Bundesliga in the past decade. Although it has heraldry for having won the German Championship in 1930 and 1931 and the League Cup in 2001 and 2002, it has never celebrated anything in Europe. But Bernstein always had Hertha in his heart, as his Neukölln office explains, because when you enter the building you see the big Berlin bear painted on the wall. Above in red letters: Berlin original. And one floor above the founding year of the association (1892) and a large blue and white flag are screen printed.

In any case, he will now be sitting in the presidential chair of the stadium because he is succeeding Werner Gegenbauer, who resigned at the end of May after 14 years in office, after the setbacks of last season will save the team in the second leg of the playoffs after beating Hamburg . “Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your responsibility. Our Hertha is in intensive care, but we can heal him from the inside. That is only possible together. Each of you can help us regain our blue and white soul. Thank you. YHa, ho, he, Hertha!” concluded the ultra, who comes into the box in a suit and tie, but always with the Hertha shield on his chest.

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