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From the impossible to heaven

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If they had told Real Madrid two months ago that they would win the league by home advantage against FC Barcelona… It’s basketball and that’s what makes this sport magical because when there’s talent, work and faith behind it, anything can happen. The team of Pablo Laso, also from Chus Mateo, has more than enough of that and is able to master even seemingly impossible things thanks to its competitive character. If you also have a player the size of Tavares and he finds himself like he did yesterday with Deck in the last quarter of the last game and Causeur shows up next to you – that could be the reflection of La Cibeles because it’s so real is Madrid feels— , the palace is standing and Madrid is unstoppable.

The Almost Chimera began to be written in the first game and was completed in the fourth. Adventure, suspense, mystery. The final chapter of this novel, setting the league finale, had almost everything – love is what wasn’t expected and it didn’t make it to the final whistle – like the whole series, and we’re talking about a contentious ending to the limit, because at this point, and even more so with the wear and tear that has become evident, quality and talent have more trouble coming to the fore and it has to be character, power and energy that pulls the car.

Like everyone, but maybe more in this case because it already had the signs of a definitive episode, it was expected and it was a face-to-face game in which Barcelona were forced to do everything or nothing, aware that the second mean would be a failure in a season when a title like the Copa del Rey seemed close for a project designed to win everything.

At the beginning a difference from previous duels since this opportunity to decide the final seemed to grab the hand of a Real Madrid much more unsuccessful in shooting but supported by a great Tavares who managed to add 13 points and his Leading team up to +14. The search for alternatives to stop the giant and Barcelona’s ability to do the rubber made Jasikevicius’ men react thanks to the success at medium and long range once they could control the rebound a little and attack faster. That effectiveness in shot from three with a 60% effectiveness – unprecedented in the finals – allowed him to place at -1.

The confidence of Jokubaitis, who fears no one, and the defense against Hanga were the other keys, although Madrid continued to reign as they had throughout most of the finals, helped by those geniuses of Llull and Rudy Fernández. In the first half, Barcelona leaned on Exum and Calathes and rowed with confidence; he even managed one, but it was a fleeting moment and the connection between Deck and Tavares unlocked the Whites’ attack, allowing Causeur to set the Whites’ signature for a league that, despite the many hits and all the setbacks – that of Pablo Laso as the great metaphor of this team—, ended tinted white: At Llull’s request, the coach raised the title to the sky.

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