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From Monday, the traffic reform will eliminate the 20-kilometre distance for overtaking on conventional roads

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With the entry into force of the rule, the loss of points for driving via WhatsApp will also be raised to 6 and wearing restraints will be penalized


Changes introduced in the Traffic, Traffic and Road Safety Law come into force this Monday, March 21, a reform that eliminates the margin of 20 additional kilometers per hour (km/h) to overtake other vehicles in conventional driving streets. DGT took a year to analyze the elimination of this margin, a measure that has caused controversy.

“We are aware that there is a big open debate about 20 km/h; give us a year to see how it develops; the data will give us the answer,” said Transport Director Pere Navarro recently an informative breakfast organized by Europe Press, justified this measure by saying that speed is also one of the main causes of road accidents and three out of four accidents happen on this type of road. Navarro also recalled that every year there are about 239 deaths from head-on collisions on this type of road.

The reform passed last December does not increase penalties for offenders. “The amount of traffic fines has not been increased, there was a debate and it seemed to us that these times are not ripe to increase traffic fines,” Navarro clarified.

The draft law as a whole, which amends the Traffic Code of 2015, aims to tighten the sanctions provided for behavior that poses a greater risk to driving, such as B. using the mobile phone while driving or misusing the vehicle security and protection elements.

New features of this regulatory reform include a six-point penalty for driving while holding a cell phone; with four for not using seat belts, child restraint systems (child seats), helmets and other protective elements; as well as the mandatory nature of the helmet for users of personal mobility vehicles such as B. scooters.

The new law also replaces the serious offense of “using” radar or speedometer detection mechanisms for the mere fact of “carrying” those devices in a vehicle. The new offense type retains the three point loss assigned to the previous offense.

“We changed the word ‘use’ to ‘carry’ because if you wear it, you bought it and installed it, there is no need to run away,” noted Navarro, specifying that the measure does not affect the use of browsers , which warn of the presence of the radar.

On roads with more than one lane in each direction, it is mandatory to change lanes when overtaking cyclists or mopeds. In addition, the deduction of points for overtaking dangerous or obstructing cyclists without leaving the prescribed minimum distance of 1.5 meters will be increased from four to six, with the amount of 200 euros remaining the same. Stopping or parking on cycle lanes or cycle paths is also prohibited.

On the other hand, the points to be deducted for throwing objects that can cause accidents or fires on or near the road are increased from four to six.

From now on, the period that a driver must elapse in order to regain their initial score is set at two years without committing an offence. Until the legislative reform was passed, this period varied depending on the seriousness of the offense committed.

Likewise, drivers can regain two points from their driver’s license through safe and efficient driving courses. A ministerial regulation will develop the necessary requirements and the conditions to be met.

Regarding underage drivers of vehicles (mopeds, AM permit, motorcycles up to 125 cc, bicycles and personal mobility vehicles), the law prohibits them from driving with more than zero alcohol content, both in the blood and in the exhaled air .

Certified or approved wireless devices may also be used for in-helmet use by motorcyclists and moped riders for communication or navigation purposes, provided this does not compromise riding safety.

Added to this is a new serious violation of 200 euros for non-compliance with the rules resulting from anti-pollution scenarios and environmental zones.

Likewise, the use of non-legally approved intercoms during tests to obtain and regain a driver’s license or other official permits or the cooperation or assistance in the use of these devices is punishable with 500 euros.

The applicant may not reapply within six months. “It was always copied in the tests, but the problems have increased with new technologies,” the traffic director justified this measure.

Source europapress.es

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