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From Corona to the Russian invasion of Ukraine… Tips for traveling in 2022

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed travel as we know it, so vacation seekers are advised to prepare for the strange new world we live in.
In the same context, Russia invaded Ukraine, causing the suspension of civil air travel through the two countries.

Russia has closed its airspace to 35 countries, including all EU member states and Canada, which experts say is eliminating many of the fastest routes between Europe and Asia.

This is expected to increase fuel costs at a time when oil and energy prices are already rising.

First of all, one of the things that can help vacation judges is to book an all-inclusive trip instead of organizing your vacation individually. If the relevant authorities cancel the flight or the tourist is stranded somewhere due to the virus, the travel agent is obliged to arrange matters for the guests.

Second, traveling is still relatively complicated. It is the constant change of rules that prevents people from traveling, according to tourism professor Torsten Kerstges. Countries often change their entry rules without notice. Another complication for many, he says, is what quarantine rules tourists are likely to encounter upon returning home.

The advice is to take the time to learn the existing rules in detail and keep track of what’s new in case of changes.

Third, vacations are likely to become more expensive on average. Flights are likely to operate and hotels are likely to operate at reduced capacity for the time being due to the Corona virus, and in case demand increases due to relaxation of rules, you may struggle to get a good deal later on . time, according to Kirstjes.

His advice is to look for early booking discounts, especially for families, and take advantage of any deals while they’re still cheap.

Finally, things may not be easy for unvaccinated people. In some countries, the traveler must have a Corona vaccination to travel. He is also likely to have difficulty participating in public life if he is not vaccinated.

The advice of the experts is, of course, to get the vaccine and to make sure you get the last required booster.


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