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Friday TV Tips (01/07/2022)

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Friday TV Tips (01/07/2022)

“Practicing with a view of the sea: nostalgia”: Nora Kaminski (Tanja Wedhorn) and her ex-husband Peer (Dirk Borchardt) have become “too close”.

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So you won’t miss a show. Here you will find all the highlights of Friday’s program at a glance.

8:15 p.m., the first, practice with a sea view: nostalgia, comedy

Nora Kaminski (Tanja Wedhorn) and her ex-husband Peer (Dirk Borchardt) agree: a little distance from each other is the right way to prevent old feelings from rekindling. However, the intention cannot be maintained for long. Peer has to rush to Rügen to get his son Kai (Lukas Zumbrock) out of serious trouble. The law student needs his father’s help because of a serious traffic violation, a hit-and-run after an accident at night. What Kai doesn’t tell his parents: He wasn’t in the car or driving.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, A case for two: The shared apple, thriller

Benni (Antoine Monot, Jr.) is authorized to represent Daniel Krause (Christoph Letkowski), the operator of an established cider business. This one would have reversed his cousin Ulrich Wickenhöfer (Werner Wölbern) with a bembel. The restaurant “Zum goldenen Apfel” is doing well. Despite the two owners, Ulrich and Daniel, they couldn’t be more different. But now Ulrich is dead in the basement and Daniel is an urgent suspect. The cousins ​​inherited the restaurant from Sachsenhausen twelve years ago and divided it after a laborious settlement process. One family runs the restaurant for four weeks, the other four weeks. And Benni’s client of all people has a movie tear from the night of the crime.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Iron Man 3, superhero action

Robert Downey Jr.’s third action-adventure as Tony Stark aka Iron Man: From his luxury villa, he pursues how the Mandarin, an icy terrorist, terrifies the United States. As his friend Iron Patriot takes on the Secret Service, Iron Man politely holds back. But then a good friend falls victim – and the weary superhero personally declares war on the Mandarin. He now finds himself in the crosshairs of the terrorist.

8:15 p.m., Sat. 1, All Together Now, casting show

100 music professionals from rock, pop or opera want to be inspired by the singers on this show – including musicians like Linda Teodosiu and Jazzy Gudd, vocal coaches like Pamela Falcon, rapper MC Fitti, musicians like Graham Candy or star violinist Igor Epstein. The singers each have 100 seconds to really knock down the 100 jurors. The more professionals who stand up, sing and dance, the greater the chances of winning the show.

8:15 p.m., RTLzwei, Daylight, disaster action

Fleeing from the police, a group of jewel thieves rush through New York’s Holland Tunnel, which connects Manhattan to New Jersey. When the driver loses control of the car, he crashes into a tanker loaded with highly explosive chemicals. The ensuing explosion triggers an inferno and collapses both entrances to the tunnel. There is little hope for the survivors. The walls are riddled with cracks through which the freezing cold water of the Hudson River above flows inexorably. The authorities no longer see any chance of rescuing the trapped people. Only former rescue commander Kit Latura (Sylvester Stallone), who was fired from duty after an accident on a previous rescue, isn’t ready to give up so easily this time around.


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