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Free instead of 4.99 euros: This racing game is only available today for free

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July 31, 2022 at 07:00

On Google Play, you can currently get the mobile game “MR Racer” for €4.99 for free. Read what the game has to offer here.

“MR RACER” offers many power cars, with which you can participate in exciting races. (Source: ChennaiGames)

  • The mobile game “MR RACER” is currently available on Google Play.
  • Normally it costs 4.99 euros.
  • In the racing game, you can race against the computer as well as other people.

Again and again, paid apps and mobile games are offered for free on Google Play. These campaigns aim, among other things, to increase the notoriety of the applications and to attract new users. You, on the other hand, get premium software for free.

at google play free instead of 4.99 euros*


Among other things, the mobile game “MR RACER” from ChennaiGames is currently on offer, which normally costs 4.99 euros. You probably only have time today, July 31, to strike for free.

“MR RACER: Car Racing Game – Premium – MULTIPLAYER” offers 15 different cars with which you can race in five environments against the computer and other people. The game offers many modes such as:

  • an online mode in which you can compete against friends or players from all over the world
  • a career mode
  • a challenge mode with 100 levels
  • unlimited hunting mode

You can also continue to customize and upgrade your cars. Thus, you get even more performance out of it and increase your chances of victory.

Is it worth downloading?

If you like playing racing games, you should check out “MR RACER”. The graphics are decent for a mobile game, and the different cars and game modes provide long-term motivation. However, it is negative that there are in-app purchases in the game, which normally costs 4.99 euros. Cars can be purchased with play money or real money.

While you need to accumulate play money slowly, content can be unlocked using real money without the wait. At least you get 5,000,000 units of the in-game currency for free with the premium version.

So far the app has more than 1 million downloads and around 10,900 ratings with 3.9 out of 5 stars. To start the game, you need at least Android 5 installed on your phone. This means that older devices are also supported.

Strong suspension

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Android apps currently available for free

Android apps currently available for free

If you get “MR RACER” for free now, you can download the game again and again for free, even if it is offered for sale again.

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