August 12, 2022 at 7:30 a.m.

The otherwise 1.29 euro learning app “Mathe: Multiplication Table” is currently offered in the Google Play Store. We reveal if the download is worth it.

“Math: Multiplication Table” is currently available in the Play Store. (Source: Syda_Productions /depotphotos.com)

  • The educational game “Maths: Multiplication table” is available for free in the Play Store for a short time.
  • The program normally costs 1.29 euros.
  • The software is intended to give children a fun introduction to multiplication.

In the Google Play Store, there are always paid apps and mobile games available for free for a short time. Free campaigns are meant to raise awareness of apps and games and to climb the download charts. If you catch her, help her and save money.

N/A Studio’s “Math: Multiplication Table” Android app is likely available until August 15. It costs 1.29 euros outside the campaign.

at google play free instead of 1.29 euros*


The app aims to help kids get started with math. Although the name of the software suggests that only multiplication exercises are included, the application offers learning areas for the four basic arithmetic operations.

In the start menu you can choose whether you want to practice multiplication, division, subtraction or addition. In the individual sections, number charts can be used to internalize the relationship between the numbers from 1 to 10, depending on the arithmetic symbol chosen.

Once the principle is internalized, the tasks can be practiced in the practical domain. If the children dare, they can put the skills they have learned to the test in tests.

Is it worth downloading?

“Math Games for Kids: Multiplication Table PRO” is a simple application that can help children master the four basic arithmetic operations. The application does not offer any sophisticated educational games and focuses on the essentials.

On Deck Pro

image set

Android apps currently available for free

Android apps currently available for free

Everything remains suitable for children. In-app purchases or advertising are not included. The German translation could be a bit better. For example, statistics have been translated as “en passant” and exercises as “training”. But it’s not particularly bothersome.

With over 50,000 downloads and 366 ratings to date, the app has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play. If you go on strike during the free period, you can still download the app for free. Even if it is offered again at the regular price.

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