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Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann plans to step down in January

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Peter Feldmann (SPD) will leave his chair at the beginning of next year: the mayor of Frankfurt wants to resign from his post in January or go into early retirement.

The Lord Mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann (SPD), announced on Tuesday that he would step down from office at the end of January 2023. “I would like to spare the city of Frankfurt an agonizing and costly voting procedure – and use the opportunity to carry out my official business after more than ten years,” the mayor of Frankfurt said in a statement from the city.

The list of accusations and criticisms grows

Feldmann’s spokesperson told HR that the mayor wanted to ask for his resignation. Then there would be two options: Feldmann would be eliminated or he would retire early. Römer’s government coalition, made up of the Greens, SPD, FDP and Volt, had announced that it would launch a voting procedure against him next week.

The pressure on Feldmann had increased over the past few weeks and months. On the one hand, Feldmann is criticized for the AWO case. In March, the prosecution filed charges based on sufficient suspicion of accepting a benefit. The district court has since approved the charges. As the manager of an AWO daycare center, Feldmann’s wife was paid more than the collective agreement “for no objective reason,” he said.

Furthermore, the AWO reportedly supported Feldmann during the 2018 election campaign by collecting donations. In return, he wanted to “benevolently consider” the interests of AWO Frankfurt. On the other hand, the 63-year-old made several missteps around Eintracht’s European Cup final game and victory celebration and caused irritation. For example, a video showed how he made sexist comments to flight attendants.

Feldmann names his own achievements

Feldmann called in Tuesday’s letter for officials and citizens to get “off the beaten path of blame and personalized allegations.” Feldmann has seen himself treated unfairly again and again.

In announcing his resignation, he highlighted political achievements that represent what he considers a successful term: Feldmann was pleased that Frankfurt had become more social, ecological and modern with him. He also made politics for those who – unlike him – “don’t get in the limelight”.

It is now important that “the outstretched hand is taken by both parties in a free decision,” the statement said. How and if Frankfurt parties are ever ready to do so remains to be seen.

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