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Francisco Jiménez said they were not going to give in to Conaie’s demands for dialogue but confirms that it exists for this Wednesday

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On the tenth day of the paralysis in Ecuador, the dialogue continues to be a proposal that has not materialized. Government Minister Francisco Jiménez indicated that he was ratifying the invitation so that on June 22 the parties would sit down to talk and an agreement could be reached.

“I want to make public once again our invitation that this Wednesday we sit down to dialogue before the call of civil society and resolve this once and for all, with peace, with will and with security”, reports- he in a statement on his Twitter account.

“We have made it known publicly to Mr. Leonidas Iza that we have a reliable and impartial negotiation mechanism that allows us to reconcile our positions. We accept the call of the UN, the European Union and more than 300 civil society organizations, so that through dialogue we discuss our positions openly,” the authority said in a tweet.

In an interview with TeleamazonasJiménez, indicated that the country cannot wait any longer and that it urgently needs dialogue “but unconditionally”. He said it is not possible eliminate the state of exception because they cannot leave citizens defenseless “Just like it happened in October 2019.” “We can not fall into blackmail, it’s time to sit down and talk“, he said.

when asked why they did not mention a place and time for the dialogue, indicated Jiménez“We haven’t fixed the place because we haven’t had an answer, but we have indicated that it could be the Government Palace, which is the place for everyone, although I don’t know if it would make Iza uncomfortable, but we have to make this decision together.”

Regarding Iza’s request to demilitarize the El Arbolito Park and that indigenous organizations meet at the House of Culturethe minister indicated: “In these places there are logistical and tactical objectives that have proven to be in the suppression of the city, and we can’t make this mistake. We know that’s an inconvenience, but we don’t want more tragedies and more clashes to happen.

“Crossed death is not an option for the Lasso government, we are ready to dialogue but for the moment it is not envisaged by the government”, he specified.

He reiterated that protests must stop, “acts of vandalism must stop”.

Source metroecuador.com

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