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Former German chancellor renounces honorary citizenship over Putin

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Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has announced that he has given up honorary citizenship of Hamburg.

This was stated in a letter published by the politician belonging to the current chancellor’s party, Olaf Scholz, on the “LinkedIn” website on Tuesday, and Schroeder addressed the letter to the mayor of Hannover, Belet Unai.

Earlier this month, the Administrative Committee of Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, began proceedings to revoke Schroeder’s honorary citizenship and gave the former chancellor the opportunity to respond to this move.

A spokesman for the city authority said it was initially unable to confirm that the letter had arrived, noting that the city was conducting a legal review to determine whether Schroeder’s resignation statement was sufficient or whether formal administrative action should be taken. to revoke his honorary citizenship.

A decision on withdrawing Schroeder’s honorary citizenship is expected on March 31.
Schroeder has been on friendly terms with the Russian president for years, and the former chancellor has long faced criticism for her relations with Moscow and the mounting pressure on him in the context of the war in Ukraine on her.

According to data from the city of Hannover, there is no other person who holds honorary citizenship of the city besides Schroeder than Herbert Schmalsteig, who held the position of mayor of the city for many years.

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