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Former boxer who fought Tyson goes viral for knocking someone out in London

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In the past few hours, a video has been driving social media crazy, after a man was seen knocking himself unconscious a person who disrespected several security guards.

The person seen in the clip is the former professional boxer, Julius Francis, who fought for several years in the heavyweight division.

The ex-pugilist appears calm on the scene, after an attempted fight between several men. However, one of the knights repeatedly tried to hit his companions, so Julius knocked him to the ground with a single blow.

Francis, who was one of Mike Tyson’s rivals in his career, he currently works for a restaurant called Boxpark, UK.

The person who fell, thrown to the ground by Julius’ blow, had threatened and pushed several people, including security elements.

This attitude was not tolerated by François, who waited for the right moment to let the aggressor crash.

With just one punch, the former boxer sent the upset man to the ground. Even the images are startling, as the provocateur is paralyzed on the ground.

Some companions were calling for Francis, but his blow controlled the whole situation, as it was spiraling out of control.

Although local police arrived at the scene to find out what happened, they did not find the former boxer guilty, as they claimed he defended himself from the attacks.

Currently, the former heavyweight champion is a security guard, at 57despite the fact that he shone for some time in the ropes.

His most memorable fight is against mike tysonwhen he fell in the second episode against the American machine.

Julius racked up a record 23 wins12 of them by way of chloroform, as well as 24 defeats.

When he left the glove sport, Francis tried his hand at mixed martial arts, but it didn’t go as he had planned.

Source metroecuador.com

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