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Wildfires have caused the deaths of at least 127 people so far this century, including the two deaths recorded in the Losacio (Zamora) fire in recent days, according to civil defense data obtained by Europe’s press.

The most dramatic year was 2005, when a total of 19 people died as a result of the fire, eleven of them died while fighting the fire in Guadalajara province. The deceased were part of the forest control teams fighting the blazes caused by a cricket in the Los Jarales area of ​​Riba de Saelices.

The second exercise with the highest death toll was in 2011, which recorded a dozen deaths, six of which were Aragonese government workers who died when the helicopter they were using to extinguish a fire in Teruel crashed. .

2003 and 2009 were two of the most tragic years with 11 fatalities each. In 2003, five family members died trying to leave their home to flee a forest fire in Sant Llorenç Savall (Barcelona). The victims suffocated when they fell into a stream just a hundred yards from the farmhouse where they lived. The Civil Guard had come to rescue them but thought they were on holiday when they found the doors were padlocked from the outside.

And in 2009, among the eleven dead were the two occupants of a helicopter working with the Generalitat of Catalonia Fire Brigade that died in an accident in Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) while carrying water to extinguish a small registered fire. in the zone.

2012 was one of the years with the greatest number of hectares devastated by flames and among the 10 fatalities recorded that year are two brigade members involved in putting out a fire that burned in the municipality of Torremanzanas in the interior of Alicante.

The fire claimed nine lives in Spain in 2010, four of them – two brigade members and two aircrew members – died trying to put out forest fires and the rest, mainly elderly people, trying to put out small attempts or stubble. The two brigade members were members of the Xunta de Galicia fire service.

In 2006, the death toll rose to eight, and 2017 was a particularly tragic year in Galicia, when four elderly people died in an intense wave of arson attacks in October. There were also two other deceased, one in the Canary Islands and one in Castilla y León.

The years with the best records were 2001, 2007, 2008, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2021 with one death each. The decade began with six deaths in 2000, the same number of deaths as in 2002, three in 2015 and 2019, and four deaths per year in 2004 and 2014.

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