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For the first time in the Gulf, the United Arab Emirates is providing an artificial thumb joint.

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The “Microsurgical Surgery of the Hand Conference” revealed a new method to open the pressure on the median nerve of the hand using the endoscope for the first time in the United Arab Emirates.

Held at Sharjah University’s Sharjah Surgical Institute and attended by 14 professors of microscopic and hand surgery from the Gulf countries, the conference announced that the UAE has become the first country in the region of the Gulf in providing this medical assistance service.

The conference, which was held recently, discussed modern techniques in the field of hand surgery, microscopic surgery, ultrasound surgeries and opening pressure of the median nerve by hand.

Dr. Marwan Buwathinin, Consultant Hand, Shoulder and Neurosurgeon at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Dubai, chairman of the conference, said the use of the artificial thumb joint of the hand was recently introduced and leads to a recovery faster and better return to normal life.

He noted that this process takes only an hour to an hour and a half, and the patient can be discharged from the hospital the same day.

On the use of the latest generation international endoscope to open the carpal tunnel by hand, he said that it is a new surgical method to open the pressure on the median nerve in the hand.

Dr. Buwathinin stated that this endoscope helps to return the patient to normal life and the absence of a large opening in the hand with very little pain, while the traditional method involves a larger surgical opening and the treatment is longer and the The patient needs about two months for the hand to return to normal after physical treatment.

The head of the Microsurgical Intervention Conference for Hand Surgery highlighted the establishment of the Hand Surgery Division last January to form part of the Emirates Medical Association, highlighting the importance of having specialized surgeons for hand operations that patients go to instead of going for treatment at the hands of general orthopedic physicians.

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