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Food alert: Mars is recalling many flavors of ice cream

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The Mars food company is recalling several types of ice cream again because they may contain residues of the carcinogenic pesticide ethylene oxide..

Recall of many types of ice cream from the Mars food company. (Sample Image: Getty Images)

Last summer, many types of ice cream had to be recalled across Europe because they contained residues of the pesticide ethylene oxide, which is classified as carcinogenic.

In France alone, around 1,000 ice cream products have been recalled. The residues entered the products through contaminated additives such as locust bean gum.

In Germany, however, recalls from manufacturer Mars were slow, which Foodwatch criticized at the time. Consumer advocates then called on the food company to publicly recall all products that might be contaminated with carcinogenic ethylene oxide. Mars complied, but emphasized that the recalls were voluntary as there was no risk to consumers due to the low concentration of residues.

Bounty, Twix and M&M’s brands are currently affected

For the same reason, seven months later, Mars is now recalling other varieties of ice cream that were on the market last year, but some of which have an expiration date of August 31, 2022.

The following single bars and multi-packs are affected:

BOUNTY ice cream bar 6 pack multipack with the EAN/article number 5000159483063 and the best before date 06/30/2021; 07/31/2021; 12/31/2021; 01/31/2022; 05/31/2022; 06/30/2022; 07/31/2022; 08/31/2022; 09/30/2022.

Ice cream bar BOUNTY single bar with the EAN/article number 5000159483049 and the best before date 06/30/2021; 07/31/2021; 05/31/2022; 08/31/2022; 09/30/2022.

TWIX 6er multipack ice cream bar with the EAN/article number 5000159484695 and the best before date 05/31/2021; 06/30/2021; 07/31/2021; 12/31/2021.

TWIX ice cream bar single bar with the EAN/article number 5000159484640 and the best before date 07/31/2021; 12/31/2021; 01/31/2022; 04/30/2022; 07/31/2022; 08/31/2022.

Individual M&M’s Peanut Ice Cream Bars with the EAN/article number 5000159500340 and the best before date 02/28/2022.

These ice cream flavors are currently affected by a recall (Image: Mars GmbH)

These ice cream flavors are currently affected by a recall (Image: Mars GmbH)

voluntarily recall

Again, Mars emphasizes that the recall is voluntary and there is no risk to consumers. “The products are safe for consumption: we only use a small amount of these ingredients (locust bean gum or guar gum) in our ice cream recipes. The possible proportion of ETO in the finished ice cream product is a few parts per billion, says in a statement from the group.

This recall is based on additional testing of more recent shipments of ingredients since last summer’s incident. “Since the summer of 2021, we have been working even more closely with our suppliers and require explicit confirmation that all ingredients they supply are ETO-free,” continues Mars.

Consumers who have purchased an affected product and still have it in stock can contact Mars Consumer Service with product details and photos of the packaging, including expiration date: www.mars.de/kontakt or by phone at 089 – 130 130 60.

Ethylene oxide information: In the European Union (EU), ethylene oxide has not been allowed in plant protection products since 1991. It has been banned in Germany since 1981. Reason: ethylene oxide is classified as mutagenic and carcinogenic.

However, the agent is still used outside the EU and ends up in products sold in Germany through imported food ingredients such as guar gum, locust bean gum and sesame.

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