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Focal Systems presents the first “Self-Driving Store” operating system to manage its stores

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Focal Systems aims to automate and optimize traditional retail using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are proud to announce the release of the world’s first “Autonomous Store” operating system called FocalOS, which works on the basis of computer vision and AI. After 7 years of testing the platform in cooperation with the world’s largest retailers, Focal’s “The Self-Driving Store Operating System” is now generally available.

With the help of AI-enabled shelf cameras, FocalOS uses “computer vision” and “deep learning” technologies to digitize shelves in real time. This digitization feeds into FocalOS, which automates order entry and ordering, guides warehouse workers to double their productivity, optimizes category management per store, manages e-commerce platforms to avoid substitutions, tracks productivity per employee to achieve more efficiencies and much more. plus. With FocalOS, executives can “teleport” from anywhere in the world to any store in seconds and see exactly what store shelves look like and how stores are performing.

Large retailers have achieved over 50x ROI with FocalOS, making it the most profitable investment in the entire retail technology space.

Francois Chaubard, founder and CEO, will present this solution in detail at the FMI Midwinter Conference in Orlando, Florida on March 29.

Retailers have an incredibly demanding job. They must manage thousands of items, employees, stores, and e-commerce while facing rising labor and supply chain costs and the never-ending fight for market share. Since 2015, our team has partnered with the world’s leading retailers to design and implement AI solutions that drive true innovation, transformative financial results, and satisfied customers.
-Francois Chaubard – Founder/CEO, Focal Systems

Focal has partnered with leading retailers in North America, Europe and Australia and has installed over 50,000 cameras worldwide. This innovation allows retailers to operate fully automated “Autonomous Stores” allowing them to achieve unprecedented work efficiency and increase sales by simply putting the store in “Cruise Control” (“Cruise Control”) and the AI ​​lets take the rudder.

We are always looking for more ways to improve our customers’ shopping experience. Focal helps us use technology to improve our on-shelf availability, so our customers can find what they’re looking for every time they shop with us.”
-Sam Wankowski, COO, Walmart Canada

About Focal Systems

Founded in San Francisco in 2015 from the Stanford Computer Vision Lab, Focal Systems is the industry leader in retail automation. We have set ourselves the goal of automating and optimizing traditional retail using deep learning and next-generation artificial intelligence. We created the world’s first “Self-Driving Store” operating system, revolutionizing the way stores are managed. To date, Focal has raised more than $40 million and has deployed its solutions on three continents and in hundreds of stores deployed with thousands of cameras. The Focal team is a carefully selected group of retail and AI experts who together have developed the next generation of operating systems for traditional retail. and optimize online stores.

For more information visit: https://focal.systems

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