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Floricienta: this is what its actors look like 18 years after the premiere (the count has become more beautiful)

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People from all over the world danced to the sound of “Corazones alviento” and followed the story of “Floricienta”, a character from the homonymous Argentine series that has captivated millions of children for his particular and spontaneous personality.

The series that was broadcast by Disney was a resounding success in different countriesbecause it was a romantic story full of funny moments played by its protagonist, actress Florencia Bertotti.

In history, Floricienta was a young woman who dreamed of becoming a singerbut finds a job as a nanny to take care of a few little orphans.

In the children’s home, he meets Federico Fritzenwalden, but at first they don’t get along very well, but as the story progresses, they both realize they are falling in love.

15 years after the first, the actors who dazzled in this production have completely changed and here we are going to show you what these celebrities who made us laugh and sing today look like.

This is what the characters of “Floricienta” look like today

Florence Bertotti – Floricienta

He is now 39 years old and She continued in the arts world as an actress in different productions television and theater, but she is still remembered for her role in the hit series.

Juan Gil – Federico Fritzenwalden

He is still an outstanding actor in Argentine soap operas and at 48 He is considered one of the most successful villains on television in his country.

Fabio Du Tomaso – The Count

At 45, he leads a much more discreet life and enjoys his career as a theater actor. The Count was the protagonist of the second season after the departure of Julia Gil.

Isabel Macedo – Delfina

She earned a villainess title with her performance in Floricienta and, for this reason, he had other evil characters in other productions. She married politician Juan Manuel Urtubey and is now the mother of two babies.

Benjamin Rojas – Franco Fritzenwalden

He continues to develop a fine career in television and theater, but also He stood out as a singer, in fact, in 2017 he released a solo album.

Lali Esposito – Roberta

He was only 13 years old when he took part in “Florichienta” and Since then, his career has been booming. She participated in another series called “Almost Angels” and today is a famous singer in the world. We’ve also seen her in much more mature productions like Netflix’s “Red Sky.”


Source metroecuador.com

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