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Five reasons why this “smartphone” is simply tempting

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It’s been a few years since we stopped using cell phones just for calling and texting. According to the message Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017, created by the consulting firm Deloitte, increases the usability of smartphones. Spaniards have (on average) 16 applications installed. The most popular are WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and email manager.

The user enjoys sharing content through instant messaging services, taking photos and watching audiovisual content. The phone is also used to keep you in the loop, make appointments, shop, keep up with finances, plan a route, listen to music, monitor health, plan a vacation, or catch up with friends online to play. That smartphone It has become an indispensable tool in everyday life.

To meet these yearnings for unlimited employability, technology is an inescapable ally. Only terminals with modern equipment can meet these requirements. HONOR Magic4 Pro is an absolute highlight that surpasses the industry average. Convince with five arguments.

Symmetrical harmony design

HONOR Magic4 Pro It is a true showcase of the innovative technology to which the manufacturer is accustomed. Its symmetrical, distinctive and different design breaks with the established norms in the market. On the bottom a large central circular chamber, baptized as eye of the muse (“The Eye of the Muse”), is the true protagonist, both for her looks and for her photography skills.

The aesthetics of the device is defined by its triple-circle, symmetrically arranged camera, in addition to its ultra-thin, quadruple-curved screen. This iconic design has been dubbed the ‘Eye of Muse’ by the brand.

A 6.81-inch Quad Curved AMOLED LTPO infinite display with ultra-thin bezels (0.94mm) lines the front. The viewing experience surpasses all expectations: a palette of 1.07 billion colors projected with incredible sharpness composes images as real as in the cinema. These features together with MotionSync technology and an intelligent refresh rate of up to 120Hz make the HONOR Magic4 Pro an ideal phone for the To play.

To avoid eye strain, HONOR Magic4 Pro offers the highest pulse width modulation achieved in an AMOLED LTPO display, minimizing eye strain and improving viewing even in low-light environments. The screen is also protected against dust, rain and water, which means that the terminal can be submerged at a depth of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.

Three professional quality cameras

Photo lovers will be delighted HONOR Magic4 Pro. It has a triple camera that includes a 50-megapixel (MP) panoramic viewfinder with a 1/1.56-inch color sensor, a 50 MP ultra-panoramic camera with a 122º field of view, and a 64 MP telephoto lens.

With ultra-fusion computer-assisted photography technology, HONOR Magic4 Pro creates high-resolution images even when you shoot from a long distance. To do this, merge the different focal lengths to achieve the best results. For example, it is capable of improving the sharpness and clarity of images by 160%, a perfect option if you intend to photograph restless animals like birds from several meters away.

50 MP ultra wide angle, telephoto and panorama: the triple camera of the HONOR Magic4 Pro meets all requirements.

As if that wasn’t enough, HONOR Magic4 Pro features a recording of cinematic level. Cinematic 3D, AI Film Effects and Magic-Log Movier Master tools improve the look of videos by expanding the range of luminosity and colors in true celluloid style.

Excellent performance

HONOR Magic4 Pro is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 5G mobile platform, which offers power and outstanding performance at any time and in any circumstances. The operating speed and power consumption have been adjusted by the manufacturer to preserve the lifespan of the end device: in the tests conducted, the phone showed an aging rate of only 3.6% after 36 months of use, a much lower percentage than the industry average.

Maintaining service life was one of the brand’s primary goals, adjusting the operating speed and energy consumption for this. The tests confirmed its success: the aging rate is 3.6% after 36 months of use

According to a study by the insurance comparison company Rastreator, we spend an average of three hours and 51 minutes a day on our cell phones. Not all terminals on the market manage to achieve this time without sacrificing a significant part of the load. HONOR Magic4 he not only gets it, but goes overboard. It combines an ultra-long battery life with the HONOR SuperCharge charger that can fully charge the phone in 30 minutes. In wireless mode, the device restores 50% battery in just 15 minutes.

safety above all

To ensure the safety of its users, HONOR Magic4 Pro offers the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Call Privacy function, which prevents conversations from being carried out in closed environments or areas, such as public areas. B. in an elevator or in an office. The display and receiver work together to adjust the volume of the incoming audio based on the other participant’s location.

HONOR Magic4 Pro provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do Not Disturb feature that prevents conversations from being overheard in closed environments or areas.
HONOR Magic4 Pro provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Do Not Disturb feature that prevents conversations from being overheard in closed environments or areas.

Passwords and biometric data such as facial recognition and fingerprints are also better protected with this revolution smart phone, the cIt has a dedicated security chip. It also has a 77% larger ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, enabling one-touch authentication using sound waves instead of light.

Magical and personalized experience

HONOR Magic4 Pro It is equipped with HONOR Magic UI 6.0, a solution patented by the manufacturer that offers artificial intelligence (AI) functions and optimizations aimed at greatly improving the use of the terminal.

Magic UI 6.0 acts as a personal assistant; It is able to learn from the user’s habits to offer suggestions and application updates adapted to his preferences. In addition, you can adjust and change the size widgets Screen (easy access to information without opening applications) and simplifies the transfer of files between them smart phoneHONOR tablets and laptops.

HONOR Magic4 Pro can be purchased on the HONOR website. It is available in four shades: classic white, subtle black, fresh cyan green and strong gold.

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