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Five common mistakes when digitizing a company

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If a company wants to survive in the physical world, it needs to increase its presence in the digital world, either to sell more or simply to streamline its production processes. This is a maxim that large companies have internalized over the last two decades, but which many small companies are still assimilating to. Almost half of Spanish micro-SMEs (less than 10 employees) and 25% of small businesses (10 to 49 employees) do not have this siteaccording to data from the Institute for Economic Studies (IEE), a body created under the auspices of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE).

Carmen ElsterDirector of European Funds at Banco Sabadell, who will attend the webinar Would you like to digitize your company? Use the help of the Digital Kit, organized by Banco Sabadell’s Empresa HUB, points out that commerce acts as the backbone and promoter of the country’s social, economic and cultural activities and that for this reason its digitization is crucial. Many companies are experimenting with this process, even though they are reaching economic limits. For this reason, to encourage them in their goal, the State is launching plans to modernize the sector, such as the Digital Kit program, which will contribute to digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)) through grants of up to 12,000 euros from the European fund Next Generation EU.

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Would you like to digitize your company? Use the help of the Digital KitWith Carmen Elster, Director of European Funds Banco Sabadell; Alberto Diazresponsible for alliances and digital transformation for Grupo MásMóvil companies; Eduardo Blanco Nuñez, Senior manager strategic R&D projects the MásMóvil Group; Gloria AbellanRegional Director of Banco Sabadell; Juan Antonio Perez MarinDirector of Perssam and Jose Maria Perez Marin, Managing Director of Perssam. Organized by Banco Sabadell’s HUB Company. When: June 30 at 12:30 p.m.

Alberto Díaz, in charge of alliances and digital transformation for Grupo MásMóvil companies and who will also attend the webinar, explains that these tools are essential to digitize SMEs and stresses the importance of accompanying a professional like the bank advisor on this journey to avoid mistakes that prevent him from being successful. “Many companies acquire technology but are then unable to digitally transform the business, an ongoing process in which technology is a necessary factor but the key is to completely transform the business,” he says.

These are the five most common mistakes SMEs make when going digital:


Trade without prior analysis

SMEs have the advantage of being able to make significant changes in a short time thanks to their small size. But to execute these changes well, they need to be aware of the capabilities of the company, says María Ricard, business consultant and digital transformation expert. “You have to be careful, promote the right leadership, question the business model and work with the different areas of the company as interdependent entities,” he adds.

SMEs need to take their time and analyze before they act. To help companies in this task, the Acelera Pyme website, dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation, offers a self-diagnostic test that allows them to find out their weaknesses and request the company’s concrete plans Digital kit program.


Think more about technology than people

“The digital age is a new attitude, and the main axis of a transformation is not technology, but people,” says Ricard. Today there is a lot of talk about technology as a synonym for change, which should not be based solely on the purchase of the latest computer equipment, for example.

“The technology of today will be obsolete the day after tomorrow. What brings about real change in a company are the people,” emphasizes the expert. Therefore, employee training is essential to keep them up-to-date and know how to adapt to innovations.

“It’s a process that involves not only the implementation of new technologies, but also raising employee awareness and training in digital skills,” explains Lorena Ramírez, Expert Professor of SEO at IEBS Business School. The Digital Kit program allows for the hiring of digitization agents, who are technology companies that help the organization achieve its change goals.


Make an effort to return it immediately

“You don’t have to think about how much it’s going to cost Digitize companies. The question is how much it will cost not to do it,” summarizes Ramírez. The entrepreneur must assume that the online store, one of the most important business showcases, will take some time to launch, it may be that the profits in the first quarter are discreet. But that’s a long-term change.


Neglecting to deal with the customer

The fact that the client is not in front of him does not mean that his experience should not be cared for. Especially after a few years, when potential consumers have gotten used to buying online and are more aware and critical. “Consumers compare their shopping experience regardless of the industry,” says Díaz.

In an environment where there are big competitors with good service like Amazon or Inditex, SMEs have to take care of the details. But it’s not about being administratively efficient, the customer demands close and dedicated treatment of online businesses. “He hopes that the company will become more humane, that it will act ethically, with commitment and in a sustainable manner,” emphasizes the expert. Something that the Digital Kit program takes into account as it offers the possibility of acquiring products and advice to improve customer management.


The experience doesn’t end with the sale

Normally, the consumer’s digital journey is smooth, but when a problem arises, a company’s reliability and reputation is put to the test. “To be competitive, companies have had to adapt their after-sales service, which includes returns, technical service, inquiries and claims,” ​​says Urraca. “You’ve seen how good service increases consumer value and generates more sales,” he adds. It’s wiser to lose a sale than lose a customer. This is also being considered by the Digital Kit program, which plans to manage the information available and improve its services by implementing data analysis tools.

The importance of counseling

Professional advice, such as that of a bank manager, is essential to access European aid, which will clear any doubts of the entrepreneur or self-employed person wishing to benefit from the Digital Kit program and inform him of the most suitable alternatives in each case.

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