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Fire TV: Reduce data consumption when streaming and set a limit – here’s how it works

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July 23, 2022 at 9:30 a.m.

If you’re streaming with your Fire TV device over mobile data, it can happen quickly that your data allowance runs out. This is how you limit data consumption and set a limit.

Without exception, you can also use the Amazon Fire TV device catalog without a regular WLAN network – with a hotspot you can simply stream using your mobile data volume to the big screen.

However, if you call up content from Netflix, Apple TV+ and Prime Video there in the highest quality, you will quickly get an unpleasant surprise: The higher data volumes of the Telekom hotspot contracts with a Speedbox or with the Vodafone Gigacube are then quickly exhausted.

To avoid this problem, you can regulate the data consumption while streaming on your Fire TV and also set a limit – you will be notified if you have streamed too many gigabytes.

The only requirement for this foolproof setup is a hardware upgrade to Fire OS 7 or the latest Fire OS 6 update on the older Fire TV Stick 4K. Netzwelt explains how to make the settings:

Here’s how to set a data limit on the Fire TV Stick

  1. Step 1 Step 1

    From the Fire TV main menu, select the gear button to access the settings.

  2. 2nd step 2nd step

    In the settings, use your remote to select the “Network” menu item.

  3. step 3 step 3

    A list of wireless networks now appears. Select the one you are using and press the “Start/Pause” button on your remote control to display the network status.

  4. step 4 step 4

    In addition to the connection status and download speed of your connection, you will see the “Advanced” button at the bottom, click on it.

  5. step 5 step 5

    Here you can now see various information about your network status. Now select the “Enable data monitoring” button at the bottom right.

  6. step 6 step 6

    If the “Data Monitoring” menu option is set to OFF, click it once to display the other settings.

  7. step 7 step 7

    You now have the possibility to reduce the video quality and thus the data consumption of your Fire TV in three steps (1), to display the data consumption of the different applications (2) – and to set a download limit (3 ). For the latter, click the “Set Data Alert” button.

  8. step 8 step 8

    You can now set an individual limit for your Fire TV’s data usage. When you have entered the desired number of gigabytes (GB), confirm by clicking the “Next” button or by pressing the “Start/Pause” button on your remote.

  9. step 9 step 9

    Enter the billing date of your contract in the next window so that the data limit is calculated synchronously with your current mobile phone bills. Confirm here again with “Next”

  10. step 10 step 10

    Now you will be shown again from which data consumption you will receive a monthly warning. If you now click “Confirm”, the settings are complete and the warning system is activated.

In another guide, we will show you how to connect your Fire TV Stick to the Internet via LAN.

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