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Financial, customer and patient data, the main targets of ransomware attacks

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patient care in a hospital – PIXABAY/CC/FERNANDO ZHIMINAICELA

MADRID, June 20 (Portaltic/EP) –

That financial data and those related to patients and customers from the financial, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are the information cybercriminals most often reveal after obtaining it via a “ransomware” attack.

That Ransomware-type attacks They are the ones who install malicious “software” on computers that encrypt data and block access to it, and demand payment to unlock it. In recent years, cybersecurity companies have warned of both their growth and their complexity, with new trends such as ransomware-as-a-service or double and even triple extortion.

Although anyone can be the target of these attacks, Rapid7 discovered it with their own analysis tools the most common types of data that cyber criminals are after and the industries most affected by ransomware.

That Analysis performed by Rapid7 focuses on double-barreled “ransomware” attacks that not only require payment to unlock the data, but also publication threatened. And they found that financial data was the most commonly leaked in these situations (63%), followed by patient or customer data (49%).

By sector is most affected The financialfrom which customer data is preferably filtered (82%) and less from the companies themselves, whose leaks can be divided into internal data (50%) and employee and personnel data (59%).

Behind the financial sector pharmacy and health are most affected. In both cases, internal financial data accounts for 71 percent of the leaks, while that from patients and customers accounts for 58 percent.

The pharmaceutical sector, for its part, is a target of “ransomware” attacks intellectual propertybecause of their value for research and development in the industry.

“When it comes to ransomware, We can all be targets, but we don’t all have to be victims.“, they assure in a statement from Rapid7. And we recommend not only backing up data, but also “installing strong encryption and network segmentation”.

Prioritizing data for added protection, understanding that there are industries that are more vulnerable to data leaks, and that businesses and customers understand its importance and be prepared for a breach are all important when it comes to protecting yourself from a ransomware – Protect threat.

Source europapress.es

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