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Finale in Bielefeld disappointed high expectations

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Sweating from goulash: Despite lofty ambitions, the Bielefeld group found Franz’s menu too “simple”. (Image: RTL)

Franz is planning the end of the “Perfect Dinner” (VOX) in Bielefeld as a showdown for his excellent cooking skills. But even though his menu consists of countless individual handcrafted components, he ultimately has to admit defeat. The winner of the “City That Doesn’t Exist” is – Regina!

“Very good”, “very wonderful”: When it comes to condiments, sales expert Franz (33) spares no praise for his own culinary skills. In fact, the components of their solidly composed “The Perfect Dinner” menu are highly appetizing:

  • Appetizer: Pumpkin soup, potato pancakes and baguette

  • Entrée: Beef Goulash, Trio of Meatballs, and Red Cabbage with Apple

  • Dessert: Passion fruit mousse over pickled fennel with sprinkles

For the starter and the main course, rustic dishes from the local countries and, finally, a mixture of vegetables and tropical fruits that arouses curiosity: equipped in this way, Franz already flashes a winning smile. “He wants to earn something,” says fellow foodie Regina, who also appreciates the trained carpenter’s ambition.

But as much as Franz has been able to impress with his theoretical experience in recent days – “He already has a lot of knowledge”, Andreas (45) marvels – the menu card in the group is initially sobering. “Honest, open, not too disconcerting,” says Johannes (68), often noted for his sternness, of the prospect of potato pancakes, meatballs and co.

Bielefeld winner by points - and also by hearts: Regina (33).  (Image: RTL)

Bielefeld winner by points – and also by hearts: Regina (33). (Image: RTL)

“Sounds a bit like home cooking”

“Goulash – that sounds a bit like home cooking, which is available Monday through Friday anyway,” Andreas also points out. Franz is not surprised by the skepticism of his fellow chefs, however: “If the main course seems too simple, the side dish needs more zing,” he knows, and even extends his efforts to table decoration. . Therefore, each guest will find his napkin in a ring with his name engraved, at least that will ensure a lasting memory.

In addition, Franz can also be exotic. Not surprisingly, he has already traveled to some 40 countries, including Suriname and Transnistria, an “internationally unrecognized republic of southeastern Europe,” which he often cites in these dark days. There, like everywhere else, Franz prefers to eat “like the locals” and on the last night of the Bielefeld round serves drinks (Regina: “tastes like Solero ice cream”) and passion fruit desserts in addition to familiar dishes from Germany. . With his “wonderfully flowery” (Andreas) baguette made by himself, Andreas’s initial misstep comes full circle. Due to a failed bread dough, he had to send his father to the baker.

Cheers to the winner!  Regina (2nd from left) ü impressed with a Menu inspired by her Kyrgyz-Russian roots.  (Image: RTL)

Cheers to the winner! Regina (2nd from left) impressed with a menu inspired by her Kyrgyz-Russian roots. (Image: RTL)

“I like Franz, but the menu didn’t pick me up”

But Franz also has to accept criticism: although Johannes finds his “trio” of spinach, cheese and beetroot dumplings “terrific”, the “roasted aroma” of the potato pancakes is too “dark” for him. “I like Franz, but the menu didn’t hook me,” Regina sums up the impression of the group.

With 28 points, Franz finally shares third place with Johannes and Sabine (61). Andreas is second with 30 points and Regina with her Kyrgyz-Russian magic is the undisputed first with 39 points. “Stress, sweat and joy” prepared her the “perfect dinner” and finally her family’s acknowledgment that “I can handle a challenge like this.”

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