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Filtered photo of Amber Heard kissing Cara Delevingne at her wedding to Johnny Depp

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Although many have come to believe that all the signs of infidelity from Amber Heard were exposed in the lawsuit he suffered against Johnny Depp, the evidence of his deceptions continues to come to light.

The first videos that compromised the aquaman star they went with the actor James Franco and the billionaire Elon Musk, However, they weren’t the only couples he took to the actor.

Now the infidelities he faced Depp increase when some photographs of Heard kissing with the model are revealed Cara Delevingne when he still lived in the house where he lived with the captain’s interpreter Jack Sparrow.

Amber Heard’s fleeting romance with Cara Delevingne

Although there has already been talk of a possible romance between the famous, was eventually upheld, further bolstering the jury’s decision to find her guilty of defaming her ex-wife.

As James and Elon, Cara was filmed by security cameras from the elevator of the building where he lived with Depp.

On the postcards published by the portal Popcorned Planet, we see them kissing passionately while hugging.

During judgement which took more than a month, it was learned that Heard had met Delevingne through Musk who they also reportedly did a threesome with.

The actor’s defense used the evidence of infidelity in his favor and although the Magnate denied what happened when consulted, the Photographs brought before the court denied.

The story of infidelity was supported by JoshDrew, neighbor of the actor, and Trinity Corrine Espaza, of the building concierge.

“I saw them going up and down the elevator over and over again. Cara would go up and down, then Elon and Amber would go up and down,” Drew said.

As evidence continues to emerge against Heard, he continues to search for a way to pay the more than $10 million to Johnny Depp.

Source metroecuador.com

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