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Feijóo urges Sánchez to self-censor after the ERES verdict, as with Rajoy



The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, this morning called on the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to self-censor after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ERE, recalling that the current head of the executive branch, with a request from Censorship against Mariano Rajoy came to power following the National High Court ruling in the Gurtel case.

After Feijóo recalled that the ERES ruling is the largest conviction in a corruption case in Spain, Feijóo pointed out that if Sánchez “was able to base his request on what he did,” it is now “there are enough truths” to be able to censor him immediately.

On the other hand, the opposition leader has harshly accused Pedro Sánchez’s management of stopping Spain with its “misgovernment” which is leading to an “economic, social and institutional collapse”. For this reason, he asked him to have the courage to regain “centrality” and said that he will find the PP there.

“Spain doesn’t deserve a government in perpetual conflict,” Feijóo said at an open-air appearance in the Plaza de la Marina Española, outside the gates of the Senate, a chamber in which the leader of the PP has sat since the past month of May. The act was attended by numerous party officials, whom he has warned must “shorten the hiatus” because “they have a lot of work ahead of them” and the desire for change is growing.”

The leader of the opposition has reiterated that an “increasingly large majority of Spaniards” are concluding that “Spain does not deserve the government it currently has” and to back up this affirmation, he has reviewed some of the crises facing the executive branch faced during those months. like the Pegasus case, what happened to Morocco, the dismissal of the director of the CNI or the pacts with Bildu.

Feijóo has stressed that the PP is the only “real” alternative to Pedro Sánchez’s government and that it “knew to emerge strengthened from its internal crisis” which ended in “record time” with the departure of Pablo Casado “. “It It’s exciting to see that more and more Spaniards believe that the best answer lies in this game, this ideology and this team,” he said.

In an unquestioning appearance, Feijóo denounced Spain’s “lack of government” and criticized the “permanent divisions” within the executive branch and the “erosion with their pacts of most institutions”. “Does Spain have the government it deserves?” he asked, criticizing the fact that the ERC and Bildu were the “true leaders of mismanagement”.



Source europapress.es

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