Arrimadas also criticizes Sanchez’s refusal to cut taxes while “the number of advisers and those in pocket continues to grow.”


The leader of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, reiterated this Wednesday to Pedro Sánchez’s government that it would cut taxes on middle and low incomes, as Germany did, so as “to stop suffocating the Spaniards” in the current economic context due to inflation .

Feijóo has pointed out that the executive branch “has made dozens of tax increases in four years” and “taken in more than 16,500 million more this year alone due to inflation”. “It is necessary to cut taxes and reduce personal income tax for middle and low income earners,” he wrote in a message published on the social network Twitter.

The President of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, has also spoken in this direction, stressing that the German government has announced “a tax cut of 10,000 million to fight inflation”, while in Spain Pedro Sánchez “refuses to introduce income tax and income tax number of consultants and plug-ins continues to increase”.

“Sacrifices for others that he has already taken off his tie,” criticized the leader of the orange formation on social networks, referring to the CEO’s gesture of removing his tie to save energy.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner announced a package of fiscal policy measures of up to 10,000 million euros this Wednesday to offset the effects of high inflation on citizens’ purchasing power, including tax cuts and an increase in family benefits.

When presenting the Inflation Compensation Act, the Federal Minister explained that the measure aims to compensate for the fiscal consequences of inflation for around 48 million citizens in order to avoid additional burdens, and is also considering specific support measures for families.

“The state must not enrich itself at the expense of citizens from inflation,” he stressed, adding that around 48 million taxpayers could benefit from the measures, with citizens with particularly high incomes being deliberately excluded.

In this way, the minimum income limit for filing the tax return will be raised from 9,984 euros to 10,347 euros in 2022, with forecasts of increasing this limit to 10,632 euros in 2023 and 10,932 euros in 2024.

In contrast, a tax of 42% applies to people with an income from 58,597 euros in 2022 and 45% from 277,826 euros, while in the next year it applies from 61,972 euros and 277,826 euros respectively, while for 2024 42% applies from 63,515 euros and 45% from EUR 277,826.

The package of measures also envisages gradually increasing the allowance per child for each parent between 2022 and 2024 by a total of EUR 264 to EUR 2,994 by January 1, 2024.

Source europapress.es

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